Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union Drinking Game

You guys can play this, since I won't be watching. It's not that I'm not political, its that I'm not one for all that speechifying. I know what I believe, and I'm going to be swayed by rhetoric on either side. Besides, I can get the play by play on the news after without having to listen to the whole thing.  However, if you got some liquor, a few shot glasses and some homies, you might be able to make the State of the Union fun tonight. For example: 

Every time Obama says "At the end of the day" = take a shot.

Every mention of a depressed town in Indiana = 2 shots.

Every time the camera pans to a disgruntled Republican congressman = take a shot of Red Stripe (get it, red?)

Every time immigration reform is brought up = shot of tequila, followed by salt and lime.

Every time he says "Wall Street vs. Main Street" = take a shot of some aged scotch or some MD2020 depending on which street you reside on.

Every mention of alternative energy choices = shot of organic beer

Every mention of Healthcare legislation = shot of light beer.

Every time Obama says "let me be clear" = shot of a clear liquor, like vodka or gin.

Every mention of "our brave men and women of the armed forces" =  take a shot of an All American Bud

If someone breaks decorum, like yelling out "YOU LIE!" =  just go 'head and finish the bottle then throw at your tv.

After writing this, I saw some other State of the Union drinking games on twitter. I promise I didn't steal this idea. It came from a conversation I was having with Jameil earlier today.


Jameil said...

Clearly the last one is my FAVORITE! I'm sure they'll have a camera trained at that dude all night! Random republican cam. ROTFL @ some aged scotch or some MD2020 depending on which street you reside. Every time he says 'change how we do politics in Washington' take a sip of something, then follow it with a sip of something else.

Ladynay said...

The media is all a buzz about some judge that didn't agree with Mr. 44 and mouthed something along the lines of You Lie.

I didn't watch but maybe I would have had I known about these drinking games.

I really need to get more into politics *sigh*

I really don't like hearing our president talk for long periods of time either *double sigh*

Nexgrl said...

I happen to miss almost every state of the union, state of the city, state of the state address, because of my work schedule. This has been the case for the past 10 years.