Monday, January 25, 2010

I Think It's Time

I think it's time for me to change my phone number. I've had the same number since 2001, and in that time period, way too many people have received my number. That means old girlfriends, people I met and went out with once or twice, stalker chicks that were supposed to use my number for business, and then tried to use it for "that business." Old co workers, I never intend to see again. Current co workers that like to invite me to the club even though anybody that knows me knows I aint going. Old managers that like to send mass text messages at 8 in the morning, bill collectors, my brother's bill collectors, my sister's bill collectors.     I remember a company called Pro Move that was supposed to find me an apartment, but instead called me all the time. At some point, my number got on the mailing list of a club that I never been too. All those stores that have asked for my number to complete a sale. All them different bloggers that have my number. Some I wouldn't mind hearing from, the other's that'll get ignored if they call. Yeah, way too many people have my number. I think it's time for a change.

Except, I don't want to learn another number. And I don't feel like calling Sprint to get them to change my number, so nevermind. I'll just keep this same number. It's almost my 10 year phone-aversary. LOL


Ladynay said...

Go on and change your number man! It don't take that long to memorize a new set of digits! Do it after your 10 year anniversary if you want to make it special or what not! Just do it!

Ginae said...

i think you should change it..just think how much more peaceful life will be..and doesn't it make you chuckle thinking about all the stalkers, exes, etc. who will be fumming when they call the number and find out that's not your number anymore..

Jameil said...

you are ridiculous. lol. if your stalkers and exes couldn't call you at 4am how would you feel? as lost as they would. i think we both know that's the real reason you won't change your number. there's nothing wrong with your memory.

Nexgrl said...

I've had the same cell# for 12yrs. Stalkers just seem to fall off the map for me. I guess they realize that chances are, I'm not going to respond to their madness.

I don't give out my cell# much anyway.