Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Stuffed, Yo!

That's what she said. LOL! But for real, I feel like I couldn't possibly eat another bite, but all I want to do is have some more. Jameil and I, well mostly Jameil made the fattest dinner we've ever had tonight. Strip steak, with blue cheese angel hair pasta, with bacon crumpled up on top. While you may be thinking it was Paula Deen recipe, it was really Rachael Ray. When I tell you that thing was crazy good, I mean it. Weren't  no veggies, just pure carbs and fat. I feel like I need to go take a walk. I think I will, but first, I just might have to sneak a forkful of this pasta while Jameil's not looking.  I'm sure, she'll post a recipe on one of her blogs.

I decided that I'm going to spend another day in Gainesville. I was supposed to be going back tonight, but I don't feel like leaving. I've only been here less than 48 hours and frankly that wasn't enough. So I'll leave tomorrow night. That way instead of having a 3 day work week (I was supposed to work Saturday, oops) I'll have just a 2 day workweek. I can dig that. I need a longer vacation anyway. I need to remember to put in my time for Jameil's Spring Break when I get back. I don't know if we are going to do anything, but at least we can spend a week together.

Anyway, I need to go distract Jameil, so she doesn't see me shoving another bite of that pasta in my mouth. I'm sure she thinks I've had enough already. She's probably right, but if you tasted what I tasted, you would get some more too.


Nexgrl said...

I knew that it was Rachel Ray before I read it. I remember an episode where she made that dish. I don't eat red meat, but pasta with cheese is always good.

You could probably stand to use more vacation time anyway.

Not so Anonymous said...

blue cheese...yum. Angel hair pasta even better. I hope she does post the recipe!

12kyle said...

can't beat a great meal!

Trish said...

I got hungry just reading that! I hate when I eat so much that I feel like I'm ready to explode. I'm going to be looking for that recipe Jameil!

Jameil said...

lol! you fat fatty! it was sooooo yummy! i had to exercise some serious restraint. i posted the recipe on the record dish for those who asked.