Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Baby!!!

The first time it was exciting. Something brand new. I was like “awww how cute!”

The second time, it was less exciting, but still pretty cool. I didn’t really engage as much as the first time, but it was still a novelty.

The third time… for real? You again? How many times are you gonna bring that to work? This ain’t show and tell!!!

Now it’s like the 50th time, and I just want to say… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Please stop bringing your kid up here. Nobody likes you, and we are getting dangerously close to the point where we don’t like your kid either. We don’t really need to hear him crying and knocking over stuff while we try to work. He’s not a baby anymore, which means that we don’t need to see him 2 times a week. Don’t you have daycare? Does he just hang out with you at your desk every day? See, your baby is like p.orn. The first time, yeah, you’ll check it out. But you don’t wanna be seeing that every day of your life. Wait.. your baby is like an Adam Sandler movie. You’ve seen one, and you pretty much know what’s going to happen. Wait.. your baby is like telling off your boss... It’s a good concept, but one left better to imagination. Are you getting the point that I don’t want to see you parading your kid around the job anymore? If not then let me reiterate: Please stop bringing Jr. to the office. We’ve had our fill.

Please and Thank You!

Rashan Jamal


Not so Anonymous said...

I usually don't even like seeing people bring their babies to the office the first time, but lately I feel all warm and fuzzy when I see babies, especially little boys. Maybe I hear my clock thinking about starting to tick.

Jameil said...

A 2yo a work? Twice a week? #fail

Nerd Girl said...

Oh I so agree! I think babies/kids are cute, but there is no need to bring them to work on the regular for show and tell.

Nexgrl said...

Your co-worker unfortunately, will cause management to issue a new rule, STAFF CAN NO LONGER BRING THEIR CHILDREN TO WORK! That's what happened here. Since the general public tells their children to go to the library after school and stay there until they close, so of the staff thought they could also.

Adei von K said...

wait for real, why ARE they bringing their child to work so often? That's only cute the FIRST time. or maybe once a year.

Silas said...

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