Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve In Pictures

The Surprisingly Lame Peach

                                        Getting Pushed By A Crowd, But Still Posing

Still Posing Pt 2. - Remind me to tell you about the dude I called Blindside.

Couldn't hear the countdown, but the peach is dropping. Must be midnight.

The Peach is what?

Morris Day & The Time


Jameil said...

That peach was a hot mess. The whole walk downtown I was like, "Where's the peach? Where is it?" And when we saw it I was like why? Why did we come down here for that. For THAT??? I can't. So lame. The best part was when everybody left and we got to see Morris Day & the Time... until he brought the amateur booty shakers on stage. How are you still doing this in your act at like 50? Leave to Lil Weezy.

Adei von K said...

being in DC has further cemented I can't live anywhere further north than Atlanta. If we were in the A, i'm not sure we would've joined y'all. Too.cold.

Nexgrl said...

I will never know what they drop in my city to announce the new year......Why, because there's always something GANG RELATED that goes down, or there's a large amount of smash and grabs while the crowd is still large.

You two look as if you made the most of it.

SincerelyGo said...

Yeah that peach was pretty lame to say the least...but look how many people were out there to see it drop . I'm not calling you lame though Rah..*clears throat*...LOL

Happy New Year!



Trish said...

It was too cold on nye to be anywhere outdoors when I was home. It looks like you two had fun despite watching a peach fall. So when do we get the "Blindside" guy story?