Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Want To Do In 2010

These aren't resolutions, just things I want to do for the New Year. What's the difference? I don't know that there is one. I just don't like the idea of New Years Resolutions.

1. Travel out of the country - Step one - get a passport, step two - convince someone to buy me a ticket

2. Start sleeping like a normal person.- for instance, right now while I'm typing this, its 5:37 and I'm not close to being sleepy.

3. Get a job that lets me use my brain - self explanatory. I'm too smart for what I do. I sometimes get scared that I'm like my father. He was brilliant, but never could parlay that into a career. Maybe it was the drugs, but it still concerns me if I'm being real.

4. Find out about my father's birth parents - He was adopted and I know nothing about his birth parents. In fact the only thing I know is the legend of how he was adopted. Apparently my grandmother was a nurse, and just brought him home one day. Things were different back in 1948. I don't know how I'm going to do this since he's dead, and my grandparents are dead, and I don't know any of the family that are still living, but I should at least try.

5. Relearn French, and/or learn Spanish - I can recognize some French, but when I speak it I sound like un idiot. And since the whole country is going Spanish, I want to be able to communicate with my Hispanic brothers and sisters.

6. Conquer my addiction(s) - I'm not going to tell you what they are. If you know me, you already know. If not, I don't want to get lectured by you too. That is counter productive.

7. Go to a dope concert - I can't believe I didn't go to one show in 2009. As much as I love music, I've got to fix that.

8. Attend at least a game each of the big 3 sports. Football, basketball, baseball. - We got the Falcons, the Hawks and the Braves in town. I think I can manage to do at least 2 of the 3.

9. Get back to writing. Either finish some of the old stuff, or crank out something new. - It's crazy that I have movies in my head that don't translate when I try to write them. I want to apply myself this year.

10. Spend some quality time with the nephews and nieces. - Maybe I'll take them to a game. Knock out two goals with one stone.

11. Do something, anything unexpected. - Stepping out my comfort zone would be a plus. I want to do something that makes you say "DAMN!! I can't believe Rah did that." I don't know what it would be. Maybe something as simple as taking a dance class or something crazy like bungee jumping. Yeah, probably wont be bungee jumping.

12. Get Jameil a gift that is not practical at all, but that she will love. - I'm not a good gift giver. I know that. Jameil makes it easy for me by telling me what she wants. Or if she needs something, I'm there. I want to get her something that she would never ask for, or get for herself. Hmmm... I'm drawing a blank, but I have 365 days to think of something.

13. _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -  I can't tell you this one because you bloggers don't know how to act. Mind your business, nosy!!! LOL


Jameil said...

I love your resolutions even if you have to call them goals to make yourself feel better. We DEFINITELY have to get out of this country! And I've always thought you were too smart for your job. I would love to help you find your birth grandparents. I'm also down for a concert and Hawks/Bobcats (in ATL Fri. March 19th), Falcons/Panthers, Braves/Pirates (in ATL May 28-31st). AND I HOPE MY TEAMS WIN THEM ALL!! Oh Pirates... Lol. You also know I'm excited about 11, 12 & 13!! Yippee skippee!!! Big things coming in 2010!! Let's get it!!

Ginae said...

wondering what 13 is and speculating already...

i too want to do something that noone would ever suspect from me..which probably would be easy since most people only see one side of me unless i'm really really close to them.

i really like all your goals..very obtainable yet things we all should do.

for the last 3 years i've been saying i'm going to get a passport've helped me want to go ahead and put that in acion again.

Tanyetta said...


Happy New Year!

Nexgrl said...

I have a suggestion for you gift giving improvement. The next time you go shopping with Jameil, pay attention to what she looks at. Pay attention to the little things that she says that she likes.

dejanae said...

uh huh
theyre still resoulutions
wats 13?
i wont tell a soul

Trish said...

I love resolutions! I want to get a passport too, I'm thinking London. A new job sounds great, seems you've outgrown your job. I'm with everyone else, come on and tell us #13!!

kaligyrl99 said...

Coming out of lurkdom, all the non-resolutions look exciting. Btw #13 has the same spacing as "get married". hmmmm. Enjoy the New Year

SincerelyGo said...

This was a good "goal" list Rah. Yeah..I plan on visiting another country someday. But I only have 365 days to do things I should have been doing the last 10 years hopefully it makes the list. LOL

I love all of your goals actually. Yeah we bloggers be all in ya bidness! LOL

I want to go to another concert. I've only been to one in my entire life. Wait...yeah One.. Maxwell. I really wish I can catch Erykah Badu in concert this year or whenever. Welp!

I'm out!



SincerelyGo said...

@Kaligirl99 that's what I'm hoping....LOL

Oh yeah and Rah..Good Luck with finding your "family" but from might wanna leave their ass where they are at.

Okay I'm really gone this time!