Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whatever Happened To...

This post is what happens when I can't sleep, and my mind starts to drift. Some of these "Whatver happeneds" are things that only I would think of. I made a conscious effort not to sound like an old curmudgeon, so you'll notice no "whatever happened to good music like we had back in my day" ones. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Whatever happened to Claudette Ortiz?. You remember the singer from City High. They had that song "What Would You Do?" She was supposed to be the next hot "singer" but I ain't seen or heard from her in years.

Whatever happened to virtual reality? That was supposed to be the big thing. You put on the headset and be transported to a digital world where anything could happen. But I ain't heard nothing about that recently.

Whatever happened to D'Angelo. Is it really possible that this dude that makes such good music only has two studio albums in 15 years. Every now and then you hear about how he's in the studio, or on coke or something, but where is the music?

Whatever happened to John Singleton. His last movie was Four Brothers in 2005. He used to make some good movies (and yes, Jameil I am including "Baby Boy." That joint was dope.) For that matter, whatever happened to Spike Lee's fiction movies. I know he makes docs now, but he hasn't made a real good fiction movie in awhile (with the exception of Inside Man.)

Whatever happened to Elian Gonzalez? I know they sent him back to Cuba, but is he back now? Did he come over on a raft and start pitching for the Yankees? That was a ridiculously big story back in the day.

Whatever happened to TV theme songs? They used to be 30 seconds to a minute, now its like 8 seconds and then the show starts. And its not like the shows are getting longer so they needed to cut out theme music.

Whatever happened to SARS? We don't worry about that no mo'? It's all H1N1 and the rest of the pandemics can go to hell? That ain't killing anymore?

Whatever happened to acid rain? When I was a kid, that's all you ever heard about. Acid rain was going to kill us all or mess up our cars or something. I don't exactly remember. I was a kid. Give me a break. I ain't heard nothing about that in forever. I guess that's been replaced by global warming. Speaking of global warming, whatever happened to El Nino. They used to talk about that all the time too.

Whatever happened to the WNBA? Do they still play? I know they do, because they were constantly giving away tickets to the Atlanta Dream games last year. But does anybody watch anymore? Did anybody ever watch?

Whatever happened to Dominique Dawes? She was hot. And speaking of younger days crushes, whatever happened to Lark Voorhies? You know Lisa from Saved By The Bell?  Where she at?

Whatever happened to Black Enterprise magazine? Do they still publish that?

Whatever happened to Black Rob, G-Dep, Loon, Faith, Craig Mack, 112, Shyne and all the other artists on Bad Boy not named Biggie or Diddy? I blame Puffy.

Whatever happened to R&B singers that didn't want to act like rappers. Ever since Jodeci came out with their hip hop style, R&B just stopped dressing alike and dancing around and stuff. I blame Puffy.

Whatever happened to Dylan, Ness, Babs and the rest of the Making The Band cats. Walking to Harlem for some cheesecake didn't make them no hits. I blame Puffy.

Whatever happened to my 40 acres and a mule? Can I get a conference with Barack to see if we can get that back on track. I'm just saying. I blame Puffy. LOL


Anonymous said...

In my best Jack Nicholson voice - "YOU WANT ANSWERS"?

DaniColoredGlasses said... really should invest in some Tylenol PM or something. That is a lot of drifting in one night.

1. good ques.
2. Did you see Surrogates? If not check it out when it hits DVD
3. I'm going to go with Coke and dodging child support payments.
4. Good ques./Spike Lee should be working on Inside Man 2
5. Prob working in baseball...good call
6. TV shows are trying to be movies hence the lack of theme music.
7. Sars is H1N1...on the low...conspiracy theory
9.WNBA and Women's soccer are somewhere simmering until its Olympic Season
10.Dominique Dawes and Lark Voorhies didn't age as well as Stacy Dash and faded into oblivion
11. Bankruptcy I believe
12. Black Rob(workin the block), G-Dep (hustlin), Loon(converted to islam and is ministering), Faith(coke), Craig Mack(ugly disease), 112(slim ate the other members/became thick and pursued solo career), Shyne (deported to Belize)
13. You are correct
14.Dylan (deported I'm sure), Ness (on the block), Babs (and her girlfriend were on the gossip sites 2 weeks ago...doing nothing)
15. See 13.

Nexgrl said...

You can't sleep because of all this wandering your mind does. You might have to do like Uncle Russ and start praticing yoga. You need to relax and unwind, so that you can make friends with sleep once again.

laughing808 said...

Black Enterprise is still around I've seen recent copies in the library.

ROFL@ Blaming Puffy.

Jameil said...

GO TO BED!! Don't make no sense all that rambling about nothing! I can't wait for virtual reality! What happened to question marks at the end of your sentences? There was an Elian followup a few years ago. On the 10yr anny. He's chillin in Cuba w/his dad. Oh acid rain. I remember that too.

SincerelyGo said...

Whatever happened to the "Good Old Days" Everyone HAS HAD them..why do they go away?!?!?! *sighs*



pserendipity said...

I thought Lark Voorhees had died. And Dominique Dawes is a doctor, isn't she?

Why didn't you look up all the answers, since you were awake and everything.

Nerd Girl said...

LOL! I'm going to check the Yankees roster for little Elian!

Let me know what you find out about the 40 acres. I'll pass on the mule.

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

What happened is people stopped seeing these things on the 'news' so they don't matter anymore lol. Now we've got celebrity affairs, baby mama drama, and people getting fat or shaving their heads off as Breaking News. SMH.

Trish said...

I notice a running theme here of blaming Puffy! Lol! It isn't his fault, just too many personalities in a group is a recipe for disaster.

I want to know what ever happened to us being in space by 2000.

What happened to new episodes of The Game. I hear they had been taping episodes but have yet to see any mention of when.

ShellyShell said...

I think Claudette Ortiz sang the hook on someone's song I can't!

Dominique Dawes lives in DC. I used to see her all the time.

D'Angelo got fat again and is in Richmond eating Twinkies!

Elian has to be about 18 now. Look for him to deport to the US and start pitching for the Yankees or Mets.

Babs, Ness, Sarah had to walk to BROOKLYN to Juniors Nasty ass Cheesecake! Anyone who messes with BadBoy WILL NOT have a career after 6 months!

Black Rob has put out a few albums but nothing was as good as "Whoa" I blame Puffy too!