Sunday, December 13, 2009

For 2010...

Can we do away with the term "hate?" It was innovative back in the 90's when people first started saying it. At the beginning of the 00's or whatever that decade was called, it was okay. But some how along the way, it started meaning something different. Hate is the go to word whenever someone doesn't agree with you. I "hate" to tell you this, but not everybody is going to have the same opinion. That doesn't mean they are hating on you. It means that people are different.

Can we do away with bragging about money? Especially when you don't really have any money. When you are talking about hot cars and jewelry on your song, but you've never sold anything except 3 mixtapes at the barber shop? When you are working 9-5 just like everybody else, but you want people to believe that its feasible for you to be popping champagne every weekend at the club. Even if you got it like that, people don't want to hear about that while there is 10% unemployment in the country. When you get robbed, you have only yourself to blame.

Can we do away with worshipping people? Can you realize that people are going to do what they are going to do. No man is perfect and lots of men are just bad people. Doesn't matter if they are famous or not. Doesn't matter if they are rich or not. Stop putting people up on pedestals, and you'll stop being disappointed. And yes, I'm talking about Tiger, amongst others.

I got lots more I'd like to do away with, but I don't wanna sound like I'm hating. LOL What's something you'd like to do away with in 2010?


Not so Anonymous said...

Fake eyelashes..ugh. I know these have been around forever, but over the past 4 years I've seen everyone...young, old, black and white wearing those hideous things. Through on some mascara and call it a day...ugh again.

Nerd Girl said...

I wholeheartedly agree with and support your "do-away-with" list!

I would like to do away with autotune/voicebox/whatever the heck it is. Hated it (oops, sorry) when Roger Zapp used it 20 years ago and don't like it today a la TPain, Drake, etc., etc. Blech!

Ladynay said...

Multiple hair styles on one head

Sagging pants

Men with braids

People getting rich from sleeping with a celebrity

Any new reality shows

Nexgrl said...

I would like to do away with
my bad
ya feel me
no homo

Jameil said...

wow hater. lololol. sometimes people are different and sometimes people are just haters!! case in point: you. I SOLD 4 MIXTAPES, HATER!!! don't even get me started on the celeb worship. i def. want to do away w/that! nsa, i'm totally wearing fake lashes one day! i also want to do away with being fb friended by strangers and semi-strangers. i don't remember you. and really, there's no need for us to know each other.

Opinionated Diva said...

do away with lace fronts...why can't people grow their own hair anymore or just rock a short 'do?? and it's not just Black women...lace fronts seem to cross race and gender!

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Not so anonymous - have you ever seen a dude wearing them? b/c I have.. right at my job.

@ Nerd Girl I like Computer Love, but I aint checking for an entire Zapp album.

@ Ladynay - braids need to go. Reality shows was one of my next ones that I didn't write..

@ Nexgrl - Wait til you read my post called "No Homo" It's hilarious in my head, but I haven't actually written it yet. Its a satire of that ridiculous phrase.

@ Jameil - I'm not hating on your 4 mixtapes.. that's 4 more than me. So good job, sport! Luckily, my anti social nature keeps strangers from knowing me enough to try to fb friend me.

@ Diva - LOL - dudes with lace fronts? must be the same dudes that rocking the fake eyelashes at my job.

Jameil said...

reminder: you're not anti social. i'm going to announce you have a fb pg at Christmas break. allllll my fam will add you!!! mooohahahaha

Ms. Behaving said...

There are soooooo many things I'd like to do away with in 2010 that I'd have to write an entire post in order to get em' all out.

The things that stick out right now though are lame pick up lines, ill fitting clothing and wack music!