Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten Thoughts For Tuesday

I’m old school like Prince Da’jour – when he was hosting rap city with finger waves on…. (Little Brother “Nighttime Maneuvers” 2003) However, even I don’t want to hear “Rock The Bells” everyday…at work!! Can you switch it up a little bit? Do you only have one CD? Have you heard of Pandora? Every other manager at the job uses it…
It always trips me out when grown people can’t read. It’s one thing to be a little nervous or stumble over words, but to totally skip over words is strange. I was in a training where they made us read aloud, and this one guy skipped at least a word a minute. And not words like “and” or “the”, he skipped the words that gave the sentence its meaning. Crazy to me. And this one girl was trying to read the word “initiative” and stopped and said. “What is that word? What does that mean?”

Wedding shows get on my nerves as I stated previously. Here’s why. The same stories get told all the time. Either there is an out of control bride, or a self conscious bride that can’t find a dress, or an overbearing family. Enough already. I get it. Weddings are stressful, but most people in the world have one, so I need you to have a more compelling reason for me to watch. Everybody cooks, but they don’t have shows about regular people cooking. They have people that can actually do it well. So, if you are just having a regular wedding, with regular old stressors, why would I want to see that?

Some people are just not cut out to work with the public. Sure, I get annoyed with people. But it kind of defeats the purpose if they know it. And then they have the nerve to wonder why clients are arguing with them. Maybe it’s because you constantly interrupt, and talk to them like you are on a street corner. I’m just saying, you might want to check yourself before you try to check other people.

Pet Peeve: People who ask “How you doing?” and then keep talking. Why even bother to ask if you don’t wait for me to respond. I promise I’m not going to say anything that would be considered TMI. Like I’m not going to tell you how my kidneys are shot or my dog got Mike Vick’d. I’ll just say I’m doing fine, then ask you how you are. It’s just the rules of conversation.
I need some Debarge on my iPod. I was watching “Unsung” on TV One the other day, and realized that they got hits I forgot about. It was also hilarious how them dudes used to be considered secks symbols. They look ultra feminine with their feathered hair and gold flair outfits. Jameil said, “oh they had women in the group?” I said “One, Bunny DeBarge.” She said she couldn’t tell about some of them dudes. LOL

Does anybody else remember a Jermaine Jackson song called “Escape From The Planet of the Ant Men?” I remember trying to find it on youtube a couple of years ago and being unsuccessful. I know it exists, I couldn’t have made that up. I had the vinyl when I was a kid. Speaking of Jermaine, he made some good music back in the day too. Too bad he’s only known for his crazy hair and crazy kid’s names now.

Do you think it would be frowned upon if I went to WalMart, opened up one of their scales and weighed myself? I’ve been doing some working out and I feel lighter, but I’m never going to buy a scale. Speaking of working out, talking about it makes me feel self conscious. I don’t know why. I just don’t like to discuss it with other people, including Jameil. She tries to give me advice and I just immediately want to run out of the room. She doesn’t understand, and neither do I. One of those “it is what it is” things. I think I’m allowed one or two quirks.

What I want for Christmas from you bloggers (Adei, Dani, and others) is to enable your blogger profile. If I click on your name and I get that message stating profile not available, it makes me forget to comment on your blog til I get home, and then sometimes I still forget. Or I have to find you through other people’s blog rolls, and that’s too much work. So, unless you just don’t want people reading your blog, can you do me that favor?

I’m hungry. I hope they have something good in the café today. One thing I refuse to do is eat from the bar. They have a meal of the day, (Mexican, Soul Food, Chinese) and it costs .41 an ounce. I’ve seen people get up to the register and have $15 bill for a little bit of food. You must be crazy. You can’t charge me for bone. That weighs too much, and is inedible. I’ll probably grab some fries and call it a day.


Ladynay said...

Wow Prince Da'jour! Have not heard that name in awhile. At least your not listening to Christmas music on repeat! *sigh*

ROFLMBBO@the "initiative" chick! She could have found a way to play that off and look the word up later in private! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

C'mon you gotta watch crazy Bridezillas! That's good stuff!

So how are you doing (no pause) I am doing just fine killing time before I get off. Oh man there is going to be a skeleton crew in tomorrow. Do I really need to come in? Heck yeah I do, gotta make that paper! LOL!

Debarge was hot back in the day! Chico got a new song out that is groove worthy.

Escape from the Plant Ant Men? I don't believe you! Google here I come!

Enjoy the fries!

Ginae said...

I love Pandora..too bad them abusers at work messed it up for the rest of us and now they have shut that down as well as 50 million other sites we use to be able to get on..

Skipping words? For real? I am mad at that girl who did not only not know how to pronounce initiative, but also did not know what it meant..shame shame..
oh well I guess skipping words is not as bad as mistaken a word for a whole different word in my highschool science class..we had to read out loud and it was a guy named Mike's turn..he said orgasm instead of organism..poor guy lost his composure, turned bright red, and the whole class laughed and clowned him for days..

I use to love me some Debarge...don't let me go and try and find my Debarge's Greatest hits cd...

"Escape from Planet of the Ant Men" know you made that up! but then again this is Jermaine where talking

I do the same thing concerning the scale. But I will go to Sears where they are already open and that way I don't feel bad about opening one. I guess you haven't been to the doctor in a can get weighed that way as well. I know that's the first thing they do to me every time I go.

I don't have a blog anymore, but if I still did, I'd definetely link ya! some days I think of starting one back up again...

pserendipity said...

How you doing? Jermaine has kids? I never knew that.

Stop tripping, you know light skinned was in back in the DeBarge days! Them and Tiamak had all the girls swooning.

Ladynay said...

Just so you know I have listened to about 2 minutes worth of Mr. Jermaine Jackson's Ant Men song featuring his 2 other non Micheal brothers...
and now I am going to fight you! LOL!

Nexgrl said...

I watched Bridezilla the first season. I still watch Say Yes to the dress. I do get how they could not be your choice of entertainment.

I have Debarge on my ipod. Tell Jameil those outfits and hair styles were in way back when.

Whatever happened to you taking your lunch to work? Or, at the very least, a snack.

Jameil said...

ROTFL@ charge me for bone! hilarity! you better suck out the marrow, boy! waste not want not! you get blank faces on all the music. i love wedding shows & i have for the last 6 or 7 years! i really don't care if they're all essentially the same. i just don't like bridezilla b/c i think all of those chicks need to be slapped. i can't stand those non-people people in customer svc!! GET A NEW JOB!!! I hate 'how are you' then keep walking. walmart wouldn't like that. your don't talk to me about working out thing is extreme and hurts my feelings. you have enough quirks w/o adding those. hope you found something good to eat.

Nerd Girl said...

Hah! There was a man "reading" aloud at Bible study on Wednesday night. I was cursing in my head at the poor job he was doing. So I pretty much canceled myself out.

I love Pandora!

Jermaine Jackson sings?

I weigh myself in WalMart every Saturday - there's always one open. Go for it!

Trish said...

Your coworkers skipping over words reminds me of back in the day in English class. There was this guy who always raised his hand to read and he couldn't read worth a damn, it drove me crazy!

I also hate people who ask how you are but don't care. If I don't care to know how someone is I don't even ask.

When I was younger I was convinced that Debarge song "Love Me In a Special Way" was being sang by a woman!!

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Ladynay - you're welcome for introducing you to that song. LOL Prince DaJour was the man.. I hated the mayor.

@ Ginae - Sears - yeah, there's one mad close to me, but I can't bring myself to go in there. It looks like a reject Sears store. Debarge is that bizness!!

@ Pserendipity - he has a kid named Jermajesty.

@ Nexgrl _ Ive been eating more, but I can't get myself together in the morning to get lunch together. Even if I make it in advance, I'll still forget it.

@ Jameil - I hope it didn't really hurt your feelings. I'm fully aware its weird, but I can't do nothing about it. You have quirks of your own, ya know!

@ Nerd Girl - yeah, I'm a need you to schedule an extra self study bible class. You messed that blessing up. LOL

@ Trish - I never ask how you doing unless someone asks me first. I don't wanna know. I only didn't think it was a woman, b/c their videos used to come on this show I used to watch back when I lived in NY.