Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 10 years since the whole Y2K scare. I remember people thinking that all the world's computers were going to crash, and chaos would ensue. Turns out that nothing happened, and all was well with the world as always. I remember at the time downplaying the Y2K effect, but secretly I had no idea what would happen. At the end of 1999 I was living in Savannah, unemployed, didn't know how I was going to pay my rent, and too proud to go to anyone for help. I remember that New Years Eve like it was yesterday...

Me and my girlfriend at the time had been fired from our job because of some less than legal stuff we were involved in allegedly. (I couldn't find the post that I wrote about it to link... ) She found a job working at Longhorn steakhouse as a hostess, but I couldn't find a job to save my life. Pretty much all of my ill gotten gains were depleted, and we survived on her tips which we turned into meals from the burger king right down the street from my crib. They had a crazy 2 whopper meals for $4 deal. I sold a bunch of my cds to Media Play for about $3 each, so I wasn't totally broke, but who knew how long that would last? In the days leading up to Y2K, I knew things had to change...

New Years Eve, I dropped the gf off at work, and I went home to check on some jobs. I called this company that I interviewed with previously and was informed that I didn't get the job. It bothered me, but at least the waiting was over. I played some Playstation, blasted some music, and was generally restless. But more than that I was hungry. I counted my the little funds I had in my wallet, and decided that I would save that for drinks and go visit grandma. She always wanted to feed me when I went over there. I drove the 2 miles to her house and chilled for a few hours. Of course she fed me, and we sat and watched CNN as the year 2000 rolled in across the different time zones. Grandma said something to me that hit home.

"Everybody's worrying about this Y2K thing, but they need to be worrying about what they are going to do with the rest of their lives."

MESSAGE!!! I heard it loud and clear. What am I going to do with the rest of my life? I'd settle for knowing what I'm going to do in the short term. I sat on the couch quietly, and pondered that thought. As Wheel of Fortune came on,  I hugged my grandma goodnight and promised that I would be safe in the NYE traffic. I had to go make a run. My gf's cousin was coming to visit and I had to pick her up from the Greyhound station downtown. I had never met her. I didn't really know what she looked like, but my gf was at work for a few more hours and the least I could do was pick her cousin up while she brought home tip money and food. I drove down Abercorn on my way downtown, when the familiar flashing lights of the Savannah Police Department beckoned me to pull over. Great! The last thing I need is another ticket. I know my tag is expired, but I just don't have the money to do that now. I lied about the new tag being in the mail, I blamed Y2k for slow computers, I asked for mercy to no avail. Finally, I just signed my ticket and rolled out. The thought of another financial obligation I didn't know how I was going to pay troubled me.  I made it to the bus station late, thanks to the SPD. I picked up the cousin, then picked up the gf from her job, and we went back to our apartment.

Somehow, after a few drinks, we decided to go down to River Street for the New Years Celebration. I was not really in the mood. I tried to play it off, but my mind was elsewhere. I let the cousins talk and laugh while I hung out behind them thinking. I was thinking maybe Y2k should hit. Maybe all the computers of the world will crash. Maybe the feds won't know about the embezzlement (allegedly) anymore, maybe Sallie Mae will lose my student loan info, maybe the ATMs will start shooting out money. Maybe the first would be last. Maybe everything would change. Admittedly, my mind was being very dramatic, but I was in a bad place. I'm a college graduate, but I'm broke and can't get a job. I'm thinking the feds might pounce on me at any minute. My 2 best friends just got arrested outside my apartment and are on cocaine.  I f*ckin hate Savannah and I need a change.

10..9..8... This is it.
7... 6... 5... Do your worst Y2K
4... 3... 2...  Let's get a do-over!
1... Happy New Year!!!

I looked around for any signs of chaos. NOTHING!!! The lights were still on. The music was still blasting. People were kissing and drinking and being merry. I saw the giant peach and the signs that stated 2000. It was a new decade. Welcome to the new millennium (even though I know it actually started in 2001 now, I didn't realize that back then)! Everything was the same as it ever was. I knew that if things were going to change, it wouldn't be a computer bug that did it. I had to do it for myself. Less than a month later, we moved to Atlanta. I got a job. I got a new life. I left all the negative energy of Savannah behind (well most of it.) I've been here almost a decade. I wonder what the next decade will bring.


Jameil said...

this was a pretty depressing post. i never thought anything would happen w/y2k. i was really excited about it being the year i graduated from h.s. & went to college! me and my friends went to TGIFridays but i don't remember what else we did.

Ginae said...

pretty interestin and insighful...the best thing was how you got the message you were suppose to get through your grandmother...

supposedly this Y2K thing is really suppose to happen know the whole Mayan Calendar/what the Mayans saw eons ago, etc...

who knows what will really happen and when. all one can do is keep living their lives, keep planning, keep trying to be the best you can be, and keep it moving. the rest is out of our hands.

Adei von K said...


you had to sell your music? that hurts.

glad you got the message.

Y2K... I knew I was graduating that May but I don't remember what I did for new years... I think we had a house party

Not so Anonymous said...

I was a little unsure about what would happen in y2k as well. Everyone around me seemed to think nothing would happen, though. They were right, yay!

I don't think I've ever read a post quite like this from you...hmmm, a different side to blog Rashan...interesting to read a peice of your 10 year progress.

I'm sure the next decade will be awesome...I mean, come on you have jameil in your life now, it can't be anything but great! lol

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I don't even remember being worried about I was like 11 then. Life was worries!

Talulazoeapple said...

Really good post. You write very well.

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Jameil - the thing about it was I wasn't depressed I don't think, I was angry at a lot of stuff, including myself.

@ Ginae - yeah, I don't believe in prophecies from societies that don't even exist anymore. LOL

@ Adei - yeah, I had all kind of eclectic CDs. There were some joints I just couldn't sell. and its not like I had a cpu to upload all the music too. I had tapes.

@ not so anonymous - Yep, I got layers. I occasionally bring out the deeper side of me. I'm sure it will be awesome.

@ Pacino - yeah, you were mad young... or I was mad old, but still... either way I know you couldn't relate.

@ Talulazoeapple - Thanks. appreciate that.