Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Thoughts Again

1. I've decided that while domestic violence is not funny, male athletes getting beat is funny. Politically incorrect? Yep, but true.

2. I have a hard time not banging my head against brick walls sometimes. I just need to learn that some people just can't be reasoned with, and I should stop trying. I usually figure it out like 3 minutes too late, and thus get frustrated with people's stupidity.

3. I went to Subway saturday to get a tuna sub and they were 2 for 1. I may or may not have only consumed tuna subs this weekend.

4.Nobody believes I'm anti social, so let me clarify. When I go out, I know how to act socially. It's just like pulling teeth to get me to go out and if I do go out, I only talk to people that I know, or that talk to me first. So maybe I'm just shy.

5. I feel like rearranging my living room again. I think I do that every 3 months, but there are only so many configurations I can do.

6. A disgruntled ex employee of my company (in my building, but in another department) went on YouTube and blasted management, calling out names. Why am I the only person at my job that thinks that was NOT a good idea. People are talking like she's a hero, I'm just thinking, about how hard it would be for her to get a job if a prospective employer saw the 10 minute diatribe, in which she used her real name.

7. Jameil and I were watching this documentary set in Cuba and she says.. "everything in Cuba looks like it hasn't been washed since the Americans left." LOL - she was so right. I still wanna visit though.

8. I like black people. I like movies. I don't like most black people movies. I know that is a shame, but it's not my fault. I'm not going to watch crap just b/c it happens to have black people in it. No matter what you say, I will continue to think Pe.rry movies suck. I will continue to think any movie with Vivica A Fox starring should not be made. And any movie starring a rapper not named Mos Def or LL Cool J will be horrible. (yes, I know there are some exceptions... but I'm on my bad black movie soapbox right now, so don't bother to try to change my mind.)

9. My tastes are as eclectic as the next (wo)man, but I can't stand when people use their idiosyncrasies to act like they are better than other people. Like okay, I get it. You like emo music, obscure poetry and know the names of 422 members of the House of Representatives. You still work at Target. You ain't that deep.

10. I wish my sister and her kids would come up to Atlanta this weekend and put up my Christmas tree. I also wish someone would do my Christmas shopping for me. So far I've gotten one Christmas gift (for Jameil's mom) and that was only because Jameil told me what to get. Me and my procrastination.

11. My old friend sleep has abandoned me again. As I type this it is 6:22 AM, and I have to get up for work in 3 hours and 38 minutes. If I wasn't so scared of my family history of addiction, I would take sleeping pills more frequently to actually fall asleep. The thing that frustrates me is that I can be dead tired one minute, then if I so much as change positions I wake up and can't fall back asleep for hours. UGGGH I guess I should stop typing and try to catch a few hours.


Ladynay said...

1. Esp. when it's a big burly sports player and his itty bitty trophy wife! Funny stuff to picture in your head. Like what it Shawnee (sp) went off on Shaq? HAHAHAHA!

3. You did, it's okay to admit it.

4. *shrug* maybe

5. My place is too "cozy" to change, but I feel you on this one.

6. She's a dummy. Why put your real name, company name, and the names of others in your vent??? Hasn't she heard of changing names to protect the innocent? She could have just been some angry chick venting about work. No one that didn't know her would know what company she was talking about! Duh!

8. LL sucks in movies too.

9. What? Target team members can't be deep now? Booooooooooo! LOL!

10. If you're going to be at Jameil and her folks house, why put up a tree at all?

11. Find a boring book or tv show and get a nap in!

Jameil said...

1. that SNL skit was uncomfortably funny.

2. Yeah I don't have that problme.

3. mess.

4. you're not shy either.

5. you're odd. i don't like rearranging. i think it's b/c i flow w/changes everywhere else in life that i want my home to stay the same.

6. b/c your coworkers are as dumb as she is.

7. Tattletale!! I still want to go, too.

8. Haven't you said this many many times before? Also LL has made way too many horrible films to be on the "we'll let him act" list. he should be provisional.

9. ROTFL @ "You still work at Target. You ain't that deep."

10. Yeah I would love for them to have that tree up when I get there on the 16th. you meant to say you bought it b/c you were w/me when it was going to be my own gift to her and you just pulled out the money. let's be clear there was no proactivity on your part.

11. you need to get that together.

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

3. I love tuna subs! That's all I used to eat from Subway, then I was on a spicy Italian I'm Subway'd out (for now lol)

4. I'm the eXACT same way! I joke about being "slightly antisocial" but I'm super shy. Until one gets to know me (which is hard because...well, I'm shy lol)

5. Ugh, I hate moving stuff...I hate to even start because I'll get bored right in the middle of it then I'll have no choice but to finish so my house wont look tacky lol

6. That was pretty juvenile. Maybe she needs to get over it and act like any other old person and keep her ish off the internet...

9. I HATE that! I honestly believe some people don't even really like things that they try to say they're into...they're just trying they're hardest to be "different"...and when you're trying to hard, it's not cute.

Opinionated Diva said...


#4...i just can't see you as shy. i think you just don't like most people lol!

#6...i think what she did is career suicide. banking is a SMALL industry these days. everybody seems to know SOMEONE at just about all of the major banks. if she's leaving banking for good, then more power to her for that video, but if she's not...then she's a dummy!!

#11...Ambien is great stuff. You fall asleep fast and wake up totally refreshed. I need to get another prescription.

ShellyShell said...


2.I'm the same way. Then I get pissed!

3. I rarely eat Subway. When I first went there in 1990 in Orlando. My boy ordered a steak sub and they microwaved it (yuck) and it smelled like shyt! So I started calling it Fartway...TMI I know! LOL!

5. I haven't rearranged shyt since I moved in here two years ago! And probably never will! LOL! You're good!

6.Ummm that can't be smart of your ex coworker if she wants to stay in the industry. I work at an investment bank and your name sometimes precedes you!

7. I can't wait to visit Cuba. I definitely want to go before the US allows travel because it will be ruined!

8.Some black movies are HORRIBLE! I like some of Tyler Perry's movies. I like the message.

Ginae said...

i have a problem with constantly wanting to arrange furniture, recreate my space, etc. myself...

i will never take ambien again. they gave me that mess once when i was in the hospital recovering from surgery. i was sleep walking, hallucinated, and all kinds of other ish on that about weird...

p.s..and feel for you and your horrible sleep issues..however..try and keep them for a while..they will come in handy when you and Jam have kids. you know those first few years you never you'll already be use to it..see there is something positive in it all..*snicker*

Ms. Behaving said...

1. Agreed (but don't tell anybody I said so) LOL

2. Know whatcha mean (well...minus the head bangin' on a brick wall part).

3. Never had a tuna sub before. Think I'm the only brown person alive who is NOT crazy about Subway.

4. You..."anti social" -- NOOOOOOOO!!! LMAO

6. Stupid move on her part. REEEEAL stupid!!!

Minerva Exertion said...


7. I would love to visit Cuba. I need some of those .05 cents asthma inhalers. :)

8. Not all black folk movies are good movies. I think Ice Cube and Ludachris are the better rappers/actors.

9. Facebook quote of the day!!!

Not so Anonymous said...

#9 - LMAO!

#6 - She showed her face, used her real name, and used the names of the former employers...she's an idiot.

#8 - How could you forget Will Smith as one of the rappers in the lead role. He's awesome!