Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where Electronics Come To Die

My crib is like a hospice for electronics. I have all kinds of electronic devices that either work, but I don't use, barely work, or altogether have breathed their last breath. I have a 27 inch tv that broke about 2 years ago, that I've been too lazy to bring down to the dumpster. I have the world's oldest DVD/VCR combo in my bedroom, two or three old broken cell phones, a few old cable boxes and remotes, not to mention tons of cable wires, surge protectors and AC adapters that I have no idea what they go to on my screened porch.  I have 3 working TVs right now, but I'm only using 2. The third one, I got from my mom after she upgraded. This was back in October.

Today, I plugged it in for the first time. It worked, but I couldn't find the remote for a couple of hours. I decided to nigga rig it with my universal cable box remote, but I couldn't turn on the closed captioning. That to me is necessary. I can't watch TV without it, so what ensued next was a manic retracing of my steps two and a half months ago. Did I leave it in my car? Nope, not there. Maybe I left it in the dining room with the rest of my junk that i don't use. Tore that room apart, and it wasn't there. Okay, now I remember. I came home that day and changed my clothes right away. Perhaps it's in my bedroom. Not there either. Where could it be? On a whim, I decided to look on the love seat that nobody sits on unless I have more than 5 people in my crib, which never happens. There it was stuffed in the cushions. I was able to set up my closed caption, get that annoying green 3 that was stuck at the top of the screen and I'm back in business.

Now to set up the Wii. I already told you that Moms gave me the Wii with no controller, so I haven't really been in a rush to set it up. Well, thanks to Jameil I have one now. Just have to get a game now and I'm in business. And I should probably throw away that old TV that's taking up space. Nah, that's doing too much for one night. But one day, I should probably spring clean all of these dead and dying electronics. Feel free to make fun of me in the comments. I'm fully aware that I just made my crib sound like Fred and Lamont Sanford live here.


Nexgrl said...

I don't know about your area, but you should be able to drop everything off at the sanitation company. I got rid of a lot of my non-working items earlier this year that way.

Trish said...

You do have a lot going on over there! I thought I was the only one who still owned a tv/vcr combo. I left it at home though when I moved, I've upgraded to flat too.

Weird that you have to have closed captioning, I like movoes with subtitles, yet closed captions drive me crazy.

Wii is great!! My parents have one too, they somehow make ME feel old for not having one, my excuse is that my apt is on the 2nd floor.

Ginae said...

don't make me call Niecy from Clean House on you or that show called Hoarders k?

having closed captioning every time I watched a show would drive me it is i hate movies where you have to read the annoying....

Jameil said...


def. have to get rid of those electronics the green way. NOT by just throwing them in the dumpster. there are frequently electronics disposal drives. i'm mad at all that stuff! good thing your apt. is big. most of that stays hidden! yay wii!! i'm gonna whoop your butt in something! can't wait!!

Adei von K said...

Wow. You sooooo sound like the Sanfords! And Jam is right, your apt is big enough for all that junk! You are better than me. If I can't find the remote, I'm just not watching tv that day! My dog went on a HUNT! LOLOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Nexgrl - yeah, not gonna happen. I have beer bottles that I was supposed to take to the farmers market like 7 mins up the road. Still sitting under the sink.

@ Trish - I actually have a new one in the living room, and an old one in the bedroom. The new one is cool b/c I can tape most dvds. Yeah, the wii is the business I love it.

@Ginae - Please don't send me to the house, unless they just clean up my porch.. anything inside the house might still work. LOL

@ Jameil - you wanna help me clean it up? I'm ready for the wii challenge. CHALLENGE!! like that Cosby Show ep.

@ Adei - I always lose the remote for my dvd player. I usually find it right in front of my face. This time the tv was bigger so I had to have this remote or it wouldn't have worked right. It took me 2 months to hook up the tv, I wasn't gonna give up til I got it right.

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