Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Randoms From A Day Long Training Class

Black bluto – There’s a dude in my training class that sounds and looks like Bluto from Popeye. I feel like I need to hide Olive Oyl from this cat cuz he just might snatch her up.

Shhh – Why come this woman kept shh-ing people all day? Not the trainer, but just some random loud woman who apparently wanted to be the only one having a non related conversation. Annoying!

I’m always right – As always, I’m correcting people. I tried not to, but some stuff was just too blatant to let slide. Now I see why people don’t like me. I’m a know it all.

Is that a man? - So I’m looking outside the window of the training room. They call it the fishbowl because people can see in, and we also can see out. All of a sudden everyone around me starting looking at this woman. Except it wasn’t a woman, at least I don’t think so. She looked like Evander Holyfield, and the apple told me that she was a he. Diversity in the work place.

Little Orphan – There was a black woman dark as Wesley Snipes with some bright orange hair. It looked ridiculous.

Time Zones – Are time zones hard? Like Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific? I’m not asking what time it is in Bali Bali or Mogodishu. Can’t you figure out what time it is in California?

Philosophical Dumbness – Me and a co worker were having a philosophical discussion on the dumbness of our co workers on IM. We figured out that dumb people don’t realize that they are dumb.

Facebook – While I was supposed to be listening in class, I figured out how to get around the firewalls to see Facebook at work again. It’s a bootleg version, but I can see profiles and status updates. Now to figure out how to see Twitter.

That’s A Win For The Customer – I swear fo’ God, if this lady says this one more time, I’m gonna black out. We get it. The whole thing is a win for the customer. You don’t have to keep saying it every 5 minutes.

Keep still – Another woman was squirming in her seat all day like she had hemorrhoids. She definitely needed one of them rubber donuts because she was moving 7 out of 8 of the hours we were in the class.

Spelling Errors – For real, you don’t proofread this training material before you present it? Just unprofessional.

Reading Is Fundamental – I wrote about this one before, but some people just don’t know words. I wish that they would NOT volunteer to read if they know they are on a 4th grade level. On another note, the trainer didn't know my name so she never called on me. That was fine with me since I wasn't paying much attention anyway.

Skip To My Lou – The trainer keeps skipping all over the place. We aren’t going in the order of the documents. It’s unnecessarily confusing. Also, she skips over parts of the text that she doesn’t understand…even if it’s important.


♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

*dead* @ Little Orphan.... SMH....

Trish said...

Hahahahaha! I'm laughing at you realizing why people don't like you!!

This reminds me of a convo I had with my sis the other day. She apparently didn't thibk I knew that sometimes I come off a bit snobby.

As G.I.Joe said, "knowing is half the battle!" LOL!!!

Jameil said...

shhhhh!!! you are so obnoxious. i think she should've just called you 'ration.' works for me. my mom used to work w/a trannie. she was a hot mess. why would you become a woman and dress like a frumpy one? b/c you were always frumpy and now you're just frumpy and your real self??? smh. i saw some CRAZY stuff in MIA at the MLK parade. WOW!! like 30 blocks of off the chain negroes!! time zones are weird. of COURSE dummies don't know they're dumb or they'd probably try to fix it. ROTFL @ roids!! wow!! why proofread if you're a dummy?