Sunday, November 1, 2009

Treat or Trick - A Belated Halloween Post

I'm participating in National Blog Posting Month - where I intend to post every day for the month of November. Let's hope I can actually do it, since I've been slacking on the blogging for the last 6 months. Hopefully this will get me back in the habit... Day 1!

I remember the good old days of Halloween. We would go to school dressed in our costumes and just wait for the minutes to slowly trickle down so we can go trick or treating. That was just about the most fun day of the year, next to Christmas. Me and my pack always cleaned up on the Halloween candy. We would start at the front of our apartment complex while it was still light out, and then make our way through every building until our pillowcases (because bags weren’t big enough) were full of candy. Then we would go across the street to another apartment complex and do the same thing. We had mad sugar. Now, there was no way my mom was going to let me keep all the candy I got, but it didn’t really matter. There was a sort of thrill to just getting as much as I could. Also, I would pick out the good stuff before I got home and hide them to make sure Mom didn’t throw that away. My favorites were smarties, sweettarts, ring pops and nerds. Oh and this rock candy thing that they used to sell in New York. Oh and Pixie Sticks. Oh and.. okay, I’m going crazy reminiscing about it now. The only ones that I really didn’t like were those nasty rubber DOTS. And candy corn? I didn’t start appreciating that until I got older. It probably had to do with the fact that the word corn doesn’t go with candy.  I didn’t care if those got thrown away.  Me and my friends used to trade candy like it was stock. I’ll give you 2 reeses peanut butter cups for that watermelon blow pop” I tell you those were the good old days.

Then as I got older, Halloween became more about mischief than candy. I think I was about 15 one Halloween when me and my boys decided that we would go out and start some trouble. We weren’t bad kids, but for one night we wanted to trick instead of treats. Me, Ashley, Ira, Shane met up outside the Walmart right down the street from my school. It’s a Staples now, but back then it was the hangout spot. We got  a bunch of eggs and  toilet paper and waited for Don to pick us up in his F150. By the time he got there we were ready!!! First stop, our high school. At first I was too scared, but one of the homeys wasn’t and lobbed some eggs at the front door of our school. Buoyed by this experience, we took our show on the road. In the nearby subdivision, we walked along the streets as Don drove slowly nearby. Occasionally we would toss eggs at houses, or throw toilet paper in the trees and then run around the corner. It was first. The plan was to hop in the truck if it looked like there would be trouble, but apparently Don saw the trouble coming before we did. He yelled "Run!!!" and peeled off down Windsor Road leaving me and the boys holding the eggs and TP. At first I didn't know why we were running, but if one runs.. we all run. And I was running really fast. I'm no speedster, but the adrenaline carried me past Ira, who was always the fastest when we played football. We met up with Don back at the Wal-Mart and he told us what happened. He saw some cops and decided that all of us shouldn't get caught. That was the end of my egging career. It was also one of the last times I hung out with old sell-out Don too.


Jameil said...

wow don... way to be there. i'm guessing you guys are fb friends now. never went trick or treating but i cleaned up on candy sometimes at church.

Opinionated Diva said...

lololol! i cracked up all through that.

i don't think i've ever been trick or treating where i went to folks house. we'd get dressed up and hit up the corner stores when I was REALLY young (Poncho was always good for free candy), but folks in my hood did not do that door to door stuff.

your boy Don...there specifically to drive the getaway car...and he couldn't even do that right. lame!

Ladynay said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the days of coming home with tons of candy after a good evenings work! We would have been great traders cuz most of your favorite candies back then were the ones I threw away! The only smarties I like are the big chewy ones! LOL!

How Don gonna be the get away driver and not get yall away from the scene???? *shm*

pserendipity said...

Daaaaang, Don!! LOL!! I mean, but he was right, no need for everybody to go down!

Ms. Behaving said...

Moms wouldn't let us go trick-or-treating so I was always that greedy little girl begging for everybody else's candy!! LOL

Nexgrl said...

For some reason, I never liked Halloween or trick/treating. My sister, who is 7yrs older and used me as her excuse(that's probably where my hatred came from.) She would dress me up and away we would go. She even took most of my candy.

Desy said...

i've seen tping occur, but i've never been involved in activities like that... instead i left dog poo on my teacher's front porch and lit it on sigh- memories

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Jam - nope not FB friends. I don't know where he was. I remember he shot himself in the stomach somehow, but he lived. Not sure how he did that.

@ diva - well, finally found an advantage to Spring Valley vs Bklyn. LOL We went hard on the candy.

@ Ladynay - yep! Trading was the best. I want to go trick or treating again!

@ pserendipity - sure take the sellout's side. LOL

@ Ms. B - I had a friend like that. He was a Jehovah's Witness, so we would sneak him candy every day since he couldn't go trick or treating.

@ Nexgrl - yep, I can see why you didn't like that.

@ Desy - I could never do that, b/c there is no way I would ever collect dog poo. LOL

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