Sunday, November 22, 2009

You May Lie

Remember how when you were a kid, there was always a kid that had a girlfriend who lived by his grandma's house. You know, nobody ever met her, but he swore that she was giving up the booty all summer vacation. Everybody knew he was lying,  but that didn't deter him from sticking to the story.

That's how I feel about some people on the internet. Aside from the obvious liars, there are certain people that I just don't believe. It's not that I'm cynical, its that they don't have offer any evidence to make me think that they are anything more than talented liars. For example, if you are so fine, and dudes always try to get at you, then where's your picture? Why should I give your story any credibility when I can't judge for myself how sexxxy you are? Or if you constantly talk about your significant other, but nobody on Facebook knows what he or she looks like or his/her name?  Or how come every one of your stories sound exactly the same. If you pay attention you can see the same recurring themes over and over again (like with my blog, every story involves some crazy person) I'm not saying you are lying, but you may lie. How do I know? I don't know you.

I guess the reluctance of some people to be forthcoming, and some people being intentionally cryptic got me thinking of this topic. I understand the need for privacy, but if that's how you wanna roll, then perhaps you shouldn't tell all your business on the internet. I don't get it. It just gets me thinking, it may not be real. Some of you may lie.


♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

oooh.... not even just on the internet. I haD a friend who went to school here (Ohio) but was from ATL, and I (like many) was fooled for awhile then I began to realize that she lied about EVERYTHING! Like, things that don't even matter! Things I could give to sh*ts about lol...
i.e.: "I'm a virgin" (I'm not hittin that, do I care??)
"I'm a Delta"... (yes, she lied)
"I bought my own car" (only to contradict herself by later saying that her dad bought it, and it's in his name)...

9 times/10 no one even cares about whatever it is you're lying about... so be real! Lol.

Jameil said...

"if that's how you wanna roll, then perhaps you shouldn't tell all your business on the internet." seriously. it's easy to be bold in hiding. like anonymous comments.

SincerelyGo said...

You are right Rah...I have a confession...

*dammit I couldn't think of a good lie* LOL

I haven't ran across anyone I thought was a liar ONLINE but I have ran across a few that are just annoying LOL



dejanae said...

maybe some folks lives are so fucked up, they need the alternate reality to remain sane
just sayin

thats giving me ideas

Adei von K said...



and why'd you make the sexy with three x's??? LMAO!!!!

Nexgrl said...

While in graduate school @Clark, this woman swore she was from San Francisco. When students from the program came to SF for a ALA convention, she couldn't give them directions. The other students kept asking me why she didn't know anything. I finally told them to ask her which high school she went to. She finally told the truth and said, "Well, actually, my Mother lives in South San Francisco."

Not So Anonymous said...

I don't see the point in people lying to people they don't know. It makes no sense. I've read some blogs that I wish were lies, but likely a sad truth.

Ladynay said...

OK you got me! I am really a white, professional sports playing man with no kids! I knew you was going to catch on to me one day! LOL!

Hey the internet is a place where anybody can be whatever they want to be. Let them have their fantasy.

Opinionated Diva said... Lady Nay I have a confession too!

I'm really a tall rich white married chick with sextuplets!! Damn you for making me stop lying!

I feel so much better now that you know though.