Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Can't Sleep Randoms

1. Is it wrong that I have my ringer off on my phone and would just prefer people send me a happy b'day on facebook than actually call or text me?

2. Why are both Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker still on TV? And at the same time on different channels? Weird to me.

3. I've gotten a lot more rational about sports - except the New York Knicks. What I mean is that previously I would be ready to curse out the entire Falcon's organization for being 5-5, now I'm like oh well. The Knicks still get the full wrath of my fandom.

4. I don't understand why people interact with celebs on Twitter. They got 376,332 followers. Do you think they are going to respond to each message? And if they do, that doesn't mean that you are actually friends.

5. Just a thought... when vegetarians talk about being ethical to animals, do they ever think that animals would not be ethical to us if given the chance. I mean, its a food chain for a reason. They would totally eat us and not think twice about it.

6. I was watching "Lopez Tonight" the other night with the stone face. That dude is just not funny to me. But at least he has lots of latino and black guests.

7. By now, everybody knows I'm old. And everybody knows I have a crazy musical memory. The other day at Jameil's classmate's party they were playing some old 80's pop music. I was pretty much identifying all the songs and thinking I need to add them to my iPod. I'm about to have a crazy mix of hip hop, British glam rock, hair bands, doo-wop, emo alternative,  and books on tape on my iPod. I'll listen to pretty much anything but country. Actually, by the time I get back home to my computer, I'm going to forget to download all this music again.

8. I know they are film students, but Jameil's classmates don't talk about ANYTHING other than movies. I've seen a good bit of movies too, so I did join in, but I was wondering what else they could possibly incorporate into the conversations.

9. I asked this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but nobody could/would give me an answer so I'll try again: What qualifies a person to be called a prophet or prophetess. And no, this is not Rashan being a sarcastic jerk. I actually would like to know.

10. Lady GaGa concerns me.  I just think anybody that tries that hard to be weird, has a dirty secret that is going to come out one day. I think hers is that she used to be and/or is still a man. LOL

11. Paula Deen getting hit in the face by the ham was hilarious to me. Not so much b/c of her getting hit, but b/ of the black guy's reaction. Take a look at bruh. He looked like "I can't believe y'all done hit this white lady in the face."

12. I hate when my birthday is the day before or the day of Thanksgiving. I'll have to curtail the drinking to make sure that I make it to Savannah at a decent hour. I have a tendency to lay around and do nothing instead of getting on the road anyway, so liquor will just make that worse. Oh well. I'm not a drunk like I used to be, so I'll be okay.


Ladynay said...

1. Nope
2. Dunno
5. Never thought about that, you right though.
6. The sitcom he had made me chuckle from time to time when I saw it.
7. You are not old. Mid 30's is not old gosh darn it! LOL Send yourself a reminder of the songs you want to download.
9. Good question, google it.
10. That's not a secret! LOL!
12. Happy Birthday! Now go to sleep so you can be alert enough to enjoy whatever Jameil has in store for you!

Adei von K said...

5. I have to mention your vege thought to Dreez! that is too funny and "THey would totally eat us" has me rolling!

8. it's perfect that you're a movie buff. soooo couldn't've been me at that party! reminds me of me and Jam's HU days when we went to 28B, the HHH. Jam wasn't really trying to compare midnight marauders to low end theory, LOL

9. I think you have to have a 'gift' to be considered a proph. some people really have it. that plus some divinity school, I'd think. Now if you're the prophet of 'jesus came and saved us at the lake of nazareth fellowship of disciples, llc'... i'ma go with you're a fraud.

YO! Bruh was looking like, "Who did this!?!? WHO HIT MISS PAULA!?!? I'm finto wear off in someone's arse for hitting Missa Deen!" he was UP.SET! LMAO!!

Ginae said...

Considering I'm waaay behind schedule and got to get moving, I've got nothing for you but this...GO RASHAN IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, GO RASHAN IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA...No but seriously, Happy Birthday and I hope you spend it doing exactly what YOU want to do today, as it should be. Hope your day is great!

Nerd Girl said...

1. Nope. Happy Birthday! I'mma go find you on FB......

2. Really? I thought Jimmy Swaggert was dead. Oops.

4. I don't get Twitter at all.

5. Good point.

6. You're right - he's not funny. I do find Carlos Mencia hilarious however. Wait, was that racist? Mentioning another latino comic? My bad!

7. I love music. Just as long as it's grooving....

12. Happy Birthday some more!!!

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

Happy Birthday! I don't answer my phone sometimes on my birthday either. Then people wanna actually have full conversations, even though you don't talk to them on the regular, so it's all types of awkward and...doesn't the word 'awkward' just look...awkward? Lol.

Anyways, Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy it!

PS: You're not old until you start feeling hip pains while dancing, and driving below the speed limit with your blinkers on! :-)

Jameil said...

1) yes. ingrate.
2) at the same time on different channels is the most twilight zone-ish part. lol.
4) Me & JohnMayer WILL be friends & when he sings at my wedding you won't be invited!!!
5) A gator show will chomp you! Thanks for the memories! I can't get with the ethical eating thing. Better for me to eat more veggies, fine, but ethical? If it's unethical to eat meat, why is it ethical to eat plants? Those are living, too.
6) You had a couple of giggles. Hater.
8) We talked about some other stuff but it is def. the bulk of our convos. We actually talk about food a lot, too. You saw how many of us were there to eat that food!
9) you're still being a jerk but it's tinged with actual curiosity, too.
10) ROTFL!!!!! Does she have actual talent? I don't really know her music like that. That's my thing. If you're talented you don't need that many gimics.
11) I think I was frightened of her reaction to getting hit! That was so shocking to me!
12) Drink all you want. I'll drive!

Nexgrl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RASHAN!!!! I thought your weird sleep patterns had all but vanished, I guess not.

I've only seen Lopez Tonight once, and I didn't watch all it. I often forget that it airs.

Trish said...

Happy Birthday! I know I'm not keeping th order but I'm replying from memory. Lady Gaga is a little boy but it hasn't leaked to the media yet! As far as birthday wishes I hate how you get a million wishes on FB and everyone wants a personal thank you. I missed the ham clip so I will have to see that. I think the older I get the more being drunk is less appealing. I've ben getting asked how old I am constantly at my new job beacuse I look "so young,"its annoying!

CoolThoughts said...

1. Hey, it is your day enjoy it how you want. Happy Birthday:-)
4. The whole celebrity thing escapes me. And the reality celebrity, arghhhh! Can you imagine having a conversation with Beyonce or Snoop Dog? lol.
5. Why did this make me think about vegetables stalking and eat me ala Little Shop of Horrors?
6. Lopez is better than Jay Leno, but no where near the party Arsenio was. By the way, he is going to be on Lopez this week. This I may watch. I wonder what Arsenio is doing these days.
9. I maybe more sarcastic than you. Prophets and prophetesses have only to convince a small group to follow them because they are special, have a special blessing which they will use to help others; they use the oratory, psychology and biblical knowledge to convince others and maybe themselves of this. Side eye x 10.

Patti said...

I'm not touching any of those. Oh wait, except the one about Lady Gaga unless she has some other secret, the one you mentioned is so not a secret - lol.

Happy Birthday Rashan!