Tuesday, November 10, 2009


For all my twitter fiends. I actually hate Twitter, but find the trending topics and hash tags intriguing. Thus, this post...If you don't use Twitter, you can still follow along.

#score – Going on a road trip with Jameil.
#Fail – getting to Daytona and realizing it’s a pretty skeevy looking place.

#score – not having to wake up early to drive to Daytona like I thought we would.
# fail – not knowing what the plan was for much of the day.

#score - Ocean Walk Hilton 4 star hotel for $50
#fail – Ocean Walk Hilton putting 4 different holds on my card for God knows what?

#score – going to an HBCU football game (Hampton vs. Bethune Cookman). HBCU alumni, represent!!!
# fail – remembering the poor quality of HBCU football games. I forgot that’s why I only went to Homecoming at Savannah State.

#score – spectacular view from the hotel window. It was really calming watching the ocean from the 11th floor.
#fail – seeing what the boardwalk around the beach looked like when we finally went downstairs. Cheesy is the word I kept repeating.

#score - hanging out with Adei Von K is always fun.
# fail – hanging out with the other friend always feels uncomfortable.
#score – Delicious Seafood chimichanga and margarita at dinner.
#fail – being the only one still awake and wanting to go out after dinner.
#score – The beach! Jameil loves the beach.
# fail – high tide leaving like 4 inches of actual beach and then spending like only 5 minutes walking on the beach.
#score – A plethora of restaurants in our hotel. We love breakfast!
#fail – A plethora of restaurants in our hotel, but they were all overpriced. Let’s just go to Cracker Barrel.. (My holiday sampler was bangin’ with the cinnamon biscuit, and the apples and all the different types of meat… and the biscuits and gravy. I never had biscuits and gravy before and it was GREAT! I know, I’m a fake Southerner.)

#score – 5 days with Jameil!
#fail – having to leave to go back to stupid work! Can’t wait til the 21st, when we get to do it again.


Ladynay said...

Yeah you going to share how you got an ocean view room for $50 right? Right?

Who goes to HBCU games for the game????? You're weird! LOL!

Not so Anonymous said...

One time for HBCUs!! I hope Hampton won, BCC (why did they change to university...whatev) sucks, and Famu is going to give them the business at the Classic!

Oh yeah...congrats on all the scores and boo on the fails.

I never would have took you for a twitter person, but then again I know nothing about you, lol.

Jameil said...

ladynay-- priceline, name your own price, go for a 4 star for $50! do it!

now to the post... this was amusing!! lolol. ROOOOOAD TRIPPIN! yesssss!! daytona? ultimate fail. i <3 hashtags! heart em!! if hampton's band OR cheerleaders, not even and!!! had been there it would've been 90xs more fun. We could've acted like the game didn't even exist!! LE SIGH!! That water was cold and the "beach" was a bit of a let down. I really didn't need more than 5 mins. But the SAV? Me & you for hours baby!

Nexgrl said...

Returning to work after a vacation is always a #fail for me.

Rashan Jamal said...

@ LadyNay - Priceline - name your own price. Put in $50 and four stars and they accepted. I'm not wei -- okay, I'm weird!

@ Not so anon - Bethune won, but Hampton should have. They blew way too many opportunities. I'm not a twitter person, too many people with too many stupid opinions.

@ Jameil - Oh, you told ladynay what to do, I did too, but I don't feel like deleting. yeah, i hope its still warm in SAV for the beach.

@ Nexgrl - for real #fail!

Ms. Behaving said...


Four star hotel for fifty bucks?!?!?! Sweeeeeet

Those four different holds tho?!?!?! Yeah...not so much!!!!

ShellyShell said...

Daytona is soooo raggidy. I've been to many of spring breaks there when it was cool to go(90's) LOL!
How are you from GA and never had biscuits and Gravy??? LMAO!!

Opinionated Diva said...

omg...the trending topics SUCK! they are the most hoodafied hot mess topics EVER - but the #hashtags amuse me! lololol

For some reason this post reminds me of an American Express "priceless" commercial.

Vdizzle said...

You two are too cute. No food pics?

Anonymous said...

I hate twitter. Period!

Daytona sucks! I haven't been in years.

Who goes to HBCU's football games for the actual game? NOBODY. lol

I must try priceline next time.

I wanna be be like you and Jameil when I grow up.

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Ms B - yeah, nothing to see there. The holds got cleared up really quickly, but for a while I was like WTF are they doing?

@ ShellyShell - I had no idea. I never been to Daytona, I was a FreakNik guy. I guess today, I'll be from New York. LOL

@ Diva - its funny you said that b/c when I was halfway through the post I was like.. priceless. I almost changed the title. Twitter is like one big hood to me.

@ VDizzle - Thanks. Food pics are on facebook. Either check mine or hers and you'll see them.

@ Minerva - yeah, I hate twitter too. Apparently I forgot that HBCU games are for the bands and social environment. My first time on Priceline and I dug it. I was scared they were going to give me something wack.

Trish said...

Anytime away from work is always a plus. I went to Myrtle Beach earlier this year but it was off peak. I had a nice time but I know it would have been great during peak season.

I think it's so cool that you two can hang out for days and still love each other, lol! I am a work in progress on that front.