Friday, November 6, 2009


Day 6 of NaBloPoMo

That's what I am by nature. I like what I want when I want it. That's a bit of a problem when I'm in Florida with Jameil. See, she is selfish too. She also wants what she wants when she wants it. Living on my own for so long, I'm all about instant gratification. If I'm hungry, I eat. If I want to watch something on Tv, I turn the channel. If I want to use my computer, I don't have to wait. I'm not really good at sharing. Well, that's not true. I'll share my stuff, but I'm not good at sharing other people's stuff. I think I just feel way more comfortable with my own stuff.

 If I was home yesterday, things would have been different. Instead of waiting to see if Jameil would cook as she said she would, I would just get me some pop tarts or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As it turned out, there was no cooking going on, so I just stayed hungry all night. This morning, we went back and forth on whether we would cook breakfast or go out. At first I was going to cook, then we were going to go out, then we were going to cook, then we were going to go out. It got to the point where I was no longer even hungry. I'm strange like that. If I don't eat when I first feel hunger, then it goes away. By the time I went to Burger King, I wasn't even hungry anymore, but I forced myself to eat.
I can't take the waiting. I need my instant gratification!

I realize that I need my own computer on my visits down here. We just keep wanting to use the computer at the same time. And of course, since it belongs to her, Jameil wins. I'll be reading a page and she'll say "let me check my email," which turns into checking blogs, twitter, facebook pictures, and/or homework. So then I'll find something else to do, like watch TV and she'll say "You ready to watch a movie?" Oh, and that means not now, but RIGHT NOW!!! No lollygagging, no checking my email, no watching the rest of the show I'm watching. See, she is just as selfish as I am.

So, what do you do when two selfish people love each other and have to be in the same space? If you were thinking learn to compromise, you weren't reading carefully. We are both too selfish for that!

* this post has been approved by Jameil, although I'm not quite sure she meant it. LOL


Patti said...

Sounds like ya'll need to be a 2 laptop household :)

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I don't like sharing either...
but when I was little my mommy/my teacher/Barney/somebody told me "Sharing is Caring" lol

Jameil said...

p... when we're at his place, he has his own computer & i have mine. doesn't fare quite as well when we're in Gainesville.

if you would stop being selfish, that would really solve everything.

Not So Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone needs a laptop for christmas.

Ms. Behaving said...

I knooooooow...Just buy four of everything that way, there will be two at your house and two at hers.

See...problem solved!! LOL

Ladynay said...

Yeah a laptop and a small boob tube should be on your list for Santa. For food you either cook or go out on your own when you feel it.


Adei von K said...

well one of you is selfish AND a brat... I think that's what the REAL problem is!!!

*looks away quickly*

Jameil said...

well whichever one that is should probably not go to daytona, adei.

Trish said...

I am semi-selfish, I guess. When we're at my place, I want it my way and when I'm at his house, I figure, I'm the guest, shouldn't it be my way? I'm working on it though. A couple of Sundays ago, the tv was on football all day at my place and I said nothing.

SincerelyGo said...

I think it works perfectly either of you don't have to worry about the other over stepping the boundaries for the sake of knowing how the other will feel about it!

I too hate to share and I like things done on my watch by EVERYBODY!!!!



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