Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's It Called???

DAY 3 of NaBloPoMo

Jameil does this thing when she’s talking where she forgets what she is saying and says “What's it called?” Like I’m supposed to know the words that are coming out of her mouth before they actually come out. She’ll be telling a story, and get to the climax and forget what’s coming next… Here’s an example…

So, I was at the party and this Albino walked up to me with a pack of now and laters, a ST Ides bottle, and a jar of Dark and Lovely. Then he says ----- What's it called?”

It’s hilarious, and really cute. After a couple of years of conversation with Jameil, I’m used to it. I know that it’s coming and if I just wait silently, she’ll figure out what she wants to say. But the other day, I decided that I would try to help out. (Intense sarcasm intended.) I actually decided that I would say something completely unrelated to what she was talking about the next time she broke into “what's it called..”

Like if she was telling me about something that happened in class, I would interject with something random like “Cuban Missile Crisis.” Or if she was talking about how the Florida Gators beat down the Georgia Bulldogs, I would say “Alex Rodriguez.”  It has absolutely nothing to do with what she was talking about. That’s what makes it funny to me. And she actually laughed at the absurdity of my statements too.  You should try it one day.

The next time some gets stuck in their thought and says “what was I saying?”, you should chime in with “you were telling me about your pet gerbil, Montavious.” Or the next time some says “What his name?” and you know you have no idea who they are talking about, mention the name of your 7th grade biology teacher. If the person is a good sport like Jameil, they’ll laugh with you. If they aren’t and get mad at you, then at least you don’t have to hear them drone on about it anymore. It’s a win-win. LOL


Jameil said...

First GO GATORS!! 2nd, you know I lose my train of thought then b/c i try to figure out why you would be talking about what you're talking about! LOL. 3rd, this could all be solved if you would quit being lazy & learn to read my mind!!

Ms. Behaving said...

I'm usually that person to forget what the hell I be talkin bout but if ever I'm in a situation where the shoe is on the other foot, I'll certainly give it a try!

LOL @ Jameil's comment!

Adei von K said...

not your gerbil named Montavious!!!!!


and I'm laughing at Jameil's comment!!!!

I don't think I could do that cause I can already hear her saying, "Whaat!? What are YOU talking about??? Praytell"

Trish said...

LOL!!! I think I will attempt your suggestion. I am the person who remembers everything and people around me seem to have amnesia! I'm pretty sure my sister will be my first victim because not only does she forget what she says but when I remind her, she'll say that she doesn't remember saying it!

Nexgrl said...

Jameil, I want you to remember to do this once Rashan gets to the age where he forgets what he's talking about mid story.

Ladynay said...

Soo funny and soo wrong! LOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Jam - BOO GATORS!!! I realize that my interruption isn't exactly helpful, i'll have to work it in during non serious conversations. mind reading is overrated.

@ Ms Behaving - Let me know how that works out for you.

@ Adei Yeah, she'll say that, but you know gotta take the good with the bad.

@ Trish - I'm the one that can remember stuff that happened 30 years ago, but when she asks me about what we were talking about yesterday - Nope, No Idea!

@ NexGrl - LOL - I'll have you know I got permission before posting. No reprisals allowed. LOL

@ Ladynay - She clowns me way more than I could ever clown her. I think its okay for me to get one in. LOL

12kyle said...

i can't front on Jameil...i do the same damn thing! LOL

ShellyShell said...

LOL! That's funny! I do that same shyt sometime! "What's his name?" I have a friend that does dumb stuff like you and will say Cleofus! LOL!