Friday, November 27, 2009

I Once Had An Awkward Moment Just To See How It Feels

Actually I had 2 just yesterday:

Awkward Moment #1:

So, we are hanging out after dinner yesterday. Me and Jameil, my brother and his wife talking about something or another. One of my mother's husbands daughters was there too, although not in the conversation at all. All of a sudden she looks at me and Jameil and says .. "Did someone say wedding bells?" EXCUSE ME!!! Who in the world was talking about that? And good thing I'm not some commitment phobic person, and good thing Jameil is not a crazy marriage pushing shrew, b/c that could made for a very uncomfortable moment. As it was, it was an awkward moment. Thanks, mom's husband daughter for that moment.

Awkward Moment #2:

Jameil and I are staying at my moms house for Thanksgiving. I had no idea of the sleeping arrangements, but I knew we wouldn't be sleeping in the same room. See, not only did we think it would be weird, from past experiences, I knew my mom doesnt play that. When my sister was pregnant with my first nephew, her and her ex husband weren't married yet. Even though they were engaged, with a baby on the way, they couldn't stay in the same room. So, last night I ask my mom where we should sleep. She says, we can take the boy's room (my nephews.) They have twin beds. "You can push them together or not..." WHAT!?! - Did you just suggest that your unmarried son and his hot girlfriend sleep together under your roof? Another awkward moment! And just for the record, no we did NOT push the beds together.


Jameil said...

Lol. What a strange commercial. Like the kind you see during football games. MICHAEL VICK. Awkward moment #1: I was like, and who was even talking to you? Everyone averted their eyes like why? Why would she do that? We're having a nice Thanksgiving and you want to put two people you don't know on the spot.

Awkward moment #2. This one actually had me rolling & I will continue to ask you if we're going to push the beds together until we leave!

Ginae said...

LMAO @ what your momma said about the beds....

p.s...yall know yall pushed the beds together...

Ladynay said...

I think Jameil got a pass for helping her out in the kitchen!

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ "Did you just suggest that your unmarried son and his hot girlfriend sleep together under your roof?"

Clearly, Jam got a lot of cool points from moms!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

I don't believe you didn't push them need more people! LOLOLOL!

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