Monday, December 7, 2009


No matter what time I go to bed, or what time I wake up in the morning, you can bet on one thing: I'll be late. Every now and then I'll get to sleep before 3 in the morning or wake up before my alarm goes off at 10, or actually get up before my third alarm pleads with me to get my punk arse up. But it doesn't matter. I always leave the house at the same time. Somewhere along the line I figured out that if I leave the house by 10:45 I'll get to the parking garage at 11:20, factor in a 4 minute walk to the building, and 90 seconds to get upstairs and to my desk, I'll be there at 11:26, giving me 4 minutes to get my stuff together. Only, lately I've been leaving at 10:47, or 10:48, or  10:49 - You get the point. I've been getting to work exactly when I'm supposed to be there.

Periodically, I get my stuff together and decide that I'm going to stop being late. It usually lasts for about a fortnight. Then I fall back into that predictable pattern. I used to get up earlier and iron a shirt, now I just throw it in the dryer while I'm in the shower, and by the time I get out, its good to go. And about that shower, that's one of the reasons I'm late all the time. No matter what time it is, I can't seem to shortchange my shower time. It be feeling good. It be relaxing me. It be what I need to wake all the way up. So, if I wake up late, I know in my head, I should take a 5 minute shower, but I can never seem to get out before 10 minutes. My computer is the other culprit. I always can find time to check my email, or my facebook before I go to work. Doesn't matter if I'm late, I'm going to do it anyway. And don't let me start checking blogs, I'll go up and down my blogroll and then realize I need to be jumping in the shower. It's the thing about me that annoys me the most. I hate being late. It's such a race cliche, but I do it all the time. I need to find a way to kick this procrastination habit. 

(BTW I realize that I'm almost late with this blog post too, but I'm still doing the daily thing, even if it is at the end of the day.)


Jameil said...

you're mad late with this post. i can't wait until you're so late you miss a day. i know i can't give myself extra time before i have to leave or i will absolutely be late. the more time i give myself, probably the later i will be.

Pserendipity said...

I have the same problem. No matter what time I go to sleep, I get up at 715. Late. Then I leave late. Then I figure I might as well stop and get breakfast since I'm already late. Next day? Repeat. And I do feel bad about it, I just can't stop it!

Adei von K said...

that is too funny!!! we mUST check our social networks before leaving the house!!!

I have it down when I should leave the house to avoid any school buses... I ignore it and get to school late anyway!

Ladynay said...

That is why I can NOT get on the computer in the mornings! I got a routine that I must go through (which begins and ends with checking my main email) and if I even touch FB I HAVE to play a round of my online addiction game! So sad! HAHAHA!