Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Fans

In the limited time I spend on Twitter, one thing always shocks me. How much people stan for their favorite artists. I guess I shouldn't be shocked, since this is a world full of celebrity worship, but the level of obsession that people have is overwhelming. Perhaps it's always been that way, but seeing it all in one place is jarring. Two people in particular get the fans mobilized like no other. Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

There are 50-11 twitter users with some form of Bieber in their handles. Things like Bieberholics or Bieberfan, or Bieberfever. Anytime he does anything, they light up twitter talking about him. I don't get it. I understand I'm not his demographic, so I'm not supposed to get it, but I still don't. Maybe he's talented, maybe the girls think he's cute, but my goodness, the fervor is overkill. Same with Nicki Minaj. Little teenage girls with Minaj in their names. Do they even know what that means? Or emulating her barbie persona. Thousands of girls with Barbie in their name. Now I do know a little something about rap, so I know that she sucks. Her lyrics are garbage, and she isn't all that attractive either. And girls are lining up to get their boobs signed by her too? Twitter is on Nicki Minaj overload.

Since I'm an understanding type of person, I tried to think back to when I was younger. Was there anybody that I just was obsessed with? The closest I could think of was the 1986 Mets. I tried to swing like Daryl Strawberry, and I tried to pitch like Dwight Gooden, which was impossible since I, unlike him, was left handed. I guess I also was the world's biggest Big Daddy Kane fan back in the day. I wanted to rap like him. but he wasn't the only rapper I liked. And then as far as having crushes... I had a thing for Ananda Lewis. But I wasn't going to write her letters or show up where she was to express my love for her. Plus the more I heard her talk, the more annoying she got, and thus the crush dissipated.

I don't know. Is this just a case of me getting older and not understanding today's youth? I hope not. I didn't think that would start until I was at least 50. I thought I still had 15 years before I started talking about young whippersnappers and their triviality. Or maybe I just am cut from a different cloth. I've always been a bit weird, and perhaps that weirdness made me not be a pop culture junkie like the rest of the world. Who knows? What about you? Did you have anybody that you were obsessed with (in a normal way) when you were younger? Or now even? Do you still have a secret shrine to a celebrity? You can tell me. I won't judge. Let's be real. Of course I'll be judging you. LOL


Not So Anonymous said...

Alyssa loves Justin Beiber, but not in an obessive least I don't think it's obsessive.

Who is Nikki Minaj?? I've heard the name somewhere, but I have no idea who this person is...sounds like a google assignment for me, lol.

I don't think you not getting it has anything to do with age. There are old people who are crazy stans too. I think some people are more sensible with their celebrity worship...haha.

Jameil said...

You're old. Any more questions? I used to be crazy for 112. I've slightly lessened my Rachael Ray crazy.

Talulazoeapple said...

I was sooo in love with Hakeem from The Boys. 'memba them? lol When I started blogging I made it my business to find out what he was up to. The Boys on the spectrum of boy groups weren't that great BUT I loved them. So we all have our moments.

M said...

Ha! I used to have a thing for Al B Sure FA REAL.

I have to agree with you. This is some next level stuff. I remember getting magazines and putting up some of the cheesy posters included (yikes) but the celeb worship I see today seems downright extra.

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I was in love with Boyz II Men. Still am...every time I listen to their music. Nowhere near obsessive, though lol.
I think my blog has made it clear how I feel about the Minaj
Twitter is stalkers' paradise. No celebrity with a Twitter should ever be allowed to complain about stalkers or paparazzi again.
SMH @ it all.

Nexgrl said...

Now Rashan, I know you remember the craze that is the Prince Fans. That boggled my mind because I was never that kind of fan. Just think about the NKOTB fans that have come out of the wood work. I think the internet and the social network sites are what make the difference between today and just 10 years ago.

Not so Anonymous said...

@Talulazoeapple - I used to love the boys too. "Dial my Heart..." You just took me way back, lol.

Not so Anonymous said...

@Talulazoeapple - I used to love the boys too. "Dial my Heart..." You just took me way back, lol.

Nerd Girl said...

Great, now I have to Google Justin Beiber. Sadly, I know who Nikki Minaj is.

Nah, I've never been an obsessed fan type, but then, I've never met Prince in person. Had I, this would be a totally different comment.

Jazz Kat said...

Justin at least has talent...and can sing.

I do NOT get the whole Nikki craze. She sounds like a chipmunk and everything about her just screeeeeeeaaaaaams FAKE.