Friday, February 26, 2010

Make It A Pitcher

It's no secret that Jameil and I love Mexican food, so when I got home from work last night, 1st step was to go to get some. I had already did the research. Twisted Taco stayed open til 12:30 every night. I just knew I was gonna have me some margaritas and burritos, maybe some guacamole. So we get to the restaurant and there are cars in the parking lot, people inside. I thought nothing of it. Until it took them forever to seat us. I was wondering what was happening. Then a dude comes by and says that the kitchen is closed, but the bar is open. For real, you close the kitchen at 10:30 and don't close for 2 hours later. Ugggh. I really wanted some Mexican.

We wound up going to Marietta Diner and it was good, but I still really want some Mexican. We looked at a couple online. One didn't have margaritas. the other one didn't answer their phone. Bad signs. We got one more new one that we are about to try. We tried to find it sometime last year, but wound up getting lost. That was a crazy night. Anyway, if we don't find it, we have several different favorites we can go to. I will have a margarita tonight. In fact, make it a pitcher!!!


Trish said...

Don't you hate when you have your tastebuds ready for something and you can't get it?! You guys would love it here, Mex restaurant on every other corner. I tried this new place called Molinas last week. The food at Molinas was great and the margaritas were just the right blend!

Jameil said...

Atlanta pissed me offffffffff that first night!!!!! OMG!!! but last night was deeeeelightful!! mmmmm. let's do it again!