Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When I was a kid we used to go to an Episcopalian church. Every year we had to give something up for Lent. It was always something trivial, such as one of favorite toys, or chocolate milk. As I got older, we went to more Protestant type churches where Lent was not practiced as heavily. A couple of years ago, I decided to start doing it again, not so much for religious reasons, but for discipline reasons. I gave up soda, and even today, I don't drink it like I used to. I'll still indulge every now and then, mostly when I'm taking a road trip, but those 40 days made me realize that it was no big deal not to drink soda all the time. That brings us to this year.

Jameil and I are going to give up fast food. It was her idea, but I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. There's something about her that makes me extremely competitive. Yes, I'm aware that is probably not the right spirit to bring into what's supposed to be a religious experience, but being honest with myself and you, that's what it is. I want to prove that I can do the same thing she is doing. Now, this is gonna be hard. I work a 10 hour day, 12 hours if you count travel time and lunch. I usually leave at 10:45 AM and get home at 10:45 PM. Those days, I just don't feel like cooking. It's going to be a challenge not to just stop off at Taco Bell on the way home from work. Hopefully, this will get me eating healthier, save money (although I've mastered the art of getting the cheapest food these restaurants have to offer), and get me to cook more often. And who knows, after getting used to this for 40 days, maybe I'll be over the fast food, like I'm over the soda. Either way, wish me luck.

Fast food has many definitions so Jameil and I defined it for our purposes. Of course, McDonalds and Burger King are out, but we also included any restaurant that has a drive through window. This includes our favorite Mexican spot in Florida. Also, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, and chains like that count. The biggest blow for me is that we are including Subway and other sandwich spots like that. If you know anything about me, you know I can live on Subway tuna subs, and there's this place in Gainesville called Jimmy Johns that has the best Italian sub on earth. But those are out for awhile. One of two things is gonna happen. Either I'll start cooking more, or I'll have to go to a bunch of sit down restaurants and spend more money. I'll try for the former, but if all else fails, the latter is just gonna have to work.

What about you guys? Do you give up anything for Lent? If so, what?


Trish said...

I didn't give anything up, I had thought about pop but I ended up needing a ginger ale. My BFF has given up cussing though, so I'm going to try to help her with that. She even went so far as to put "no cussing" signs up at work and in the car.

Good luck with the no fast food! I know this fast(competition) will make for some great posts.

Ladynay said...

I actually gave up fast food this year(before I read this entry) and can identify with the soda thing. I didn't give it up for lent long ago thought. I was just curious about how long I could go without carbonated beverages. Did the same thing with chips.

Good Luck!

Nerd Girl said...

You can do it! Even if I had no confidence in your willpower, I know your competitive streak will get you through.

I've never given anything up for Lent. I really thought only Catholics did?

I recently did a 21 day fast. I gave up meat, bread and all sweets. Thre first 3 days are the toughest!

Ginae said...

I gave up soda like 3 years ago and now I might want one every 6 months and that's like only when I'm out in the hot sun and really thirsty. But it's funny I'll take a few sips of it and won't want anymore of it and end up throwing the rest away.

I also haven't had fast food in like 4 months. I don't really even like fast food so it wasn't that hard although at times it does get hard for me when i'm really hungry and strapped for time or if funds are low..cuz we all know how cheap Taco Bell

Good for you and Jam for giving up fast foods. If your goal is to eat more healthier just remember that if you go to a sit down restaurant keep in line with your goal and try and order the healthy stuff on the menu as well.

Good luck!

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I didn't know you guys had Jimmy Johns down there... thought that was some midwest stuff lol. But good luck with that Lent stuff...I won't be partaking lol. Maybe next year.

Nexgrl said...

I will attempt to give up cookies/brownies. I will bake some anytime the urge hits. I don't really do fast food anyway, so that wouldn't be hard for me.

You might want to try cooking two meals on your days off. Make sure you have enough leftovers to rotate during the week for lunch @work.

Patti said...

I know this wont help until sometime next month or so, but you do know we have Jimmy Johns in Atlanta, right? There's one downtown a block up from my building. Just sayin...

GorgeousPuddin said...

My church does a 21 day fast the first 21 days of the year. My aunt asked me what was I giving up for Lent. I told her about the 21 day fast. However I did not partake in the fast this year. She don't need to know that part. LOL! I may go for trying to give up COKE again. But I love it so much I don't know,