Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello, Captain Obvious!!

Back in the day before we had a falling out, me and everybody’s favorite blogger used to be chat online all the time. One of her favorite nicknames for me was Captain Obvious. She loved to call me out on the really apparent stuff that I would say, and it became a bit of a running joke with us. I would sometimes intentionally say obvious stuff as a joke. Well, today at work, I had to relinquish my nickname. This dude across the aisle from me totally outdid me and he wasn’t even joking. If he said all this today, I can't imagine the obviousness he spews on a daily basis.

Wow, Memphis is right on the border of Arkansas
Remember that walking pneumonia I had? I really was coughing a lot back then. Remember?
Tiger Woods is the best golferin the world. People are going to start watching again once he comes back.
Dude, Steve Jobs has a lot of money!
You ever been to Canada? They say they have free health care there.
Man, Philly has the best cheese-steaks
Those Republicans are really fighting Obama. They don’t like him.

Hello Captain Obvious! Could you do me a favor and STFU?!?!


Not So Anonymous said...

I can't stand people like's one thing to do it on purpose for kicks, but to be dead serious...ugh. You should have given him the shock and awe look every time he made those bold and daring statements, lol.

Jazzy said...

funny...i was thinking about Nikki yesterday. can't bring myself to delete her off google reader.

Jameil said...

what does STFU mean? j/k. i don't think you should relinquish your title just yet, though. hence me saying, "that's not helpful!!" more than i'd like.

Soft Spoken said...

Lol--Nuts. You Need to tell him to FOCUS -- Fugg Off Cuz Ur Stupid.

Great Blog

Nexgrl said...

That's why I sit in one of the last two cubicles near the exit sign. I can hear rants like this, but I don't have to respond because they can't see me.