Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wait... I Didn't Say That!!!

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Co Worker 1, Co Worker 2, Me

"Hey Rashan. I know you won't come but I want to invite you anyway. I'm having a birthday dinner on the 27th."
"For real? I'll try to make it.
"Rashan ain't coming. He's going down to Florida that weekend."
"Umm. I'm mad that you think you know my schedule better than me. I actually won't be going that weekend."
"OOOOHHH, You are gonna skip a weekend?"
"Nah, Jameil will be here."
"Does that mean we get to meet her?"
"I don't know. We'll see what we are doing."
"You have to bring her. We love her."
"I know we don't know her, but we like her for you."
"Thanks. Me too."
"So you gonna bring her?"
"I'm not sure. I'll talk to her.Where is the dinner anyway?"
"Red Lobster"
"Uhhh...yeah, about that. We are food snobs, so I don't know about that.'
"She's bourgie too?"
"Way more bourgie than me. We don't eat at chains."
"Well, try to see if you can make an exception so we can meet her."
"Okay. I'll let you know."
"Hey, everybody.. Rashan is bringing his girlfriend to Tasha's birthday dinner!"
"Wait... I didn't say that.."


ShellyShell said...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaha! Red Lobster? NEGATIVE! I don't eat chains either! This past Saturday I was shopping all day and was STARVING only thing in the Target plaza was a Olive Garden and Red Lobster me and my home boy just said eff it and went to eat at Olive Garden(10pm on sat night) we attempt to go and the wait is 1 hr 45! GTFOH for Olive Garden! As we laughed our asses out of the door we said lets go to Red Lobster for laughs and the wait was 2 hrs! FOR RED LOBSTER!!! LMAO! You should have seen the people dudes wearing suits women in dresses all for their dinner at Red Lobster/Olive Garden! LOL! I can't knock it but it's not my style!

Jameil said...

Why do we have to make an exception???? Why can't you just pick somewhere out of allll the many restaurants in Atlanta that's NOT lame??? What a loser. ROTFL @ ShellyShell!!! Not all fly for RL/OG!

Trish said...

They love Jameil and haven't met her? That means they are going to talk her to death! People are so nosey. Maybe you guys can just get drinks and an appetizer and go somewhere else for the real dinner!

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

Ugh, Trish read my mind. Your coworkers just wanna be nosey, all up in Jameil's face. SMH. They sound like groupies lol. But I'm assuming that, since you're grown, your coworkers are as well...why are we having our birthday dinner at RL? Lol. I went once a month or so ago, because my my preggy best friend really wanted something from there... there was no wait (we went kinda early in the evening) but no sooner had we been seated than a table full of loud, obnoxiously vulgar Black people were seated next to us, dressed in their lil' Sunday clothes, taking a photo shoot. Ugh. NEVER again!

Nexgrl said...

I vote for you two stopping by for 10 minutes. They don't get any time for probing questions, just hi, general introductions, a birthday wish, and you're out of there.

Adei von K said...

ew, not red lobster.

and ditto 10 minute hi and bye.

Jameil said...

Who is going to Red Lobster for a hi & bye? Not I. If I'm going I'm going to eat drink and complain about their small horizons.