Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: How I Know I'm Getting Old(ish)

1. I’m more Soul than hip hop these days. Except when I’m rocking out to my music from my teens and twenties (see #3) I never would have thought that I would actually be listening to singing more than rap, but sometimes I just need to chill out.

2. Get cold sometimes – This started a few years ago. I was the type who never wore a jacket, or a coat. I was mad warm blooded. Now, when it hits 50, I looking for something to cover me like a normal person.

3. Stuck in my decades of music – I will listen to some hip hop from 86-96 like its brand new. That’s my golden era. So many dope songs, dope artists, dope albums. When I hear today’s music, I don’t necessarily think it’s any worse than the worst of my era, but there’s much less diversity than I’m used to. I could listen to PE for conscious rap, then listen to NWA for that gangsta ish. Then Tribe to cool out, then Kane for the battle rap. Yeah, although I know there was plenty of crap *cough*Hammer, Vanilla Ice *cough* back then, it just seems like there is more of it now. I’m sure my kids will go through the same thing.

4. I say "back in the day" – yeah, I got a lot of back in the day stories. It just seems like so long since some of the stories took place. I’ve been out of high school for 17 years. That qualifies as back in the day, right?

5. Don’t mind being called sir – The first time some young kid called me sir, I was mortified. I’m like, I’m only a few years older than you, son! Now, I’m okay with it. Young whippersnapper better show me some respect!!!
6. I’m older than almost all athletes – With the exception of maybe Brett Favre and a few other hanger ons, there aren’t too many 35 year old pro athletes. It gets even worse when you watch college sports. Yo, them kids look mad young, yo!

7. Don’t have any idea who a lot of pop culture people are – Yeah, who is Taylor Swift? I didn’t know before the Kanye thing. I don’t know any of them Gossip Girl people are or Twilight. Lest you think it’s a black thing, another one I heard the other day, Nikki Minaj. I was like whodatis???

8. Have to sleep right or risk a messed up back – I can sleep on a bed, or I can sleep on a couch, but don’t let me be all twisted up, or I’m gonna have a pain in my lower back for 3 days. I used to be able to sleep anywhere. I didn’t even have a bed from age 11-19, so I used to pride myself on my narcoleptic tendencies. Not anymore. I gotta be careful.

9. I be wanting babies! – Okay, I was like this when I was fairly young too, but now I’m really ready. Bring on my little daddy’s girl Aaliyah. I’m ready to meet her.

10. I try to stay out of the hood clubs – I used to go everywhere whenever the mood struck. Now, I’m like I’m not going there, somebody got shot there last week. I’ll pass.

11. Feel really weird when noticing attractive young women – I’m not a dirty old man, but sometimes I feel like one. It’s like, okay, she’s attractive, then it’s like okay she was born in 1990. That just feels wrong.

12. Have classmates that have kids going to college. And I’m not talking about the fast ones that had kids in high school. People that actually graduated with me or a year before got college students. That’s crazy to me.

13. Jameil seldom if ever knows what I’m talking about. When I make old school references, that is. Stuff that I think is universal, apparently isn’t. Who knew that my B.A. Baraca’s reference or yelling out “By the power of Greyskull” would solicit such a blank look. LOL I think that’s why “Family Guy” is hilarious to me. They have so many 80’s references that I just get.


Jameil said...

i've always been more into singing than rapping. LOL@ the blank looks. i so rarely know what you're talking about, dirty old man! i fluctuate b/t being proud when people call me ma'am and irritated. i'll take ma'am over miss or honey. just gimme my food. don't call me honey or miss.

Not So Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are getting old. It's okay, though. I always prefer soul to hip hop, but I always have. I feel kinda creepy when I find young men attractive. They making fine these day though, lol.

Ladynay said...

You a dirty old man Rashan!!!! LOL!

Ummmm Jameil is around my age so she was around w/the 80s stuff. Maybe she didnt hang w/the boys back in the day. I always had to be Lady J, Chitara (sp) or Teela! No options for me AT ALL!!!!!!

co sign #1



&5 (safety patrol that works the carpool @ Pookas school have to say ma am and sir)

&11 (some of these teens are cute!)

OMG!!!!! Im getting old(ish) too!!!!!!! ROFL!

Ginae said...

i can so relate to most of this..well um, maybe not the part about feeling like a dirty old man cuz i'm a female but you know what i

is Jam taking notes that you are ready for them babies?! lol

Trish said...

Although I'm a bit younger than you, I'm still knocking on 30s door. I hate feeling old, especially the neck pain that I've been experiencing more frequently than I'd like to admit. The plus for me is that I still look young but of course the downside to that is that I get carded for everything, even lottery tickets. I just hope that someday when all my friends look old this young face will pay off. Oh and I had to laugh at #13, dating older men has had me looking at them with the same blank stare!

pserendipity said...

I was in class one day using an example, and I used that old commercial "Where's the Beef?"

Blank stares. That's when I knew.

Nexgrl said...

I know that I'm old, and I tell people that all of the time, they just don't always believe me.

I have friends that have grandchildren.

Vdizzle said...

LMAO@ Bret Favre. Can't stand him!!

I'm not sure who those singers are either.

Desy said...

you 30+ people and your 80s references...

what about 'we like the cars, the cars that go boom'... classic hip hop right

hmmmmm... i've never pegged you as an intense 'checkerouter' of women in general so it just kind of makes sense that you would feel icky about young tenderonies... it's the gentleman in you.

and i've yet to receive the ma'am, but i'll keep you

dreamyj said...

i'm on 26 but i share some of those sentiments myself

Rashan Jamal said...

@ jameil - I'M NOT A DIRTY OLD MAN!!! You should get like me with the old school references. Miss Honey!!!

@ Aretha - I know you are just agreeing with me, but it still stings to see you call me old. LOL

@ LadyNay - I'M NOT A DIRTY OLD MAN!!! Thundercats rocked!

@ Ginae - she knows I want babies, its no big deal.

@ Trish - When I have a fresh haircut and shave, I still get carded too. The blank stares are funny.

@ pserendipity - Where's the beef? I woulda thought even the young ones would know that one.

@ Nexgrl - Well, i don't have friends, but I'm sure I have classmates that have grands.

@ v dizzle - I'm a brett favre hater.

@ Desy - wow, what rock did you crawl out from under. LOL when you get 30, you'll be making B2k references that'll have the youngsters scratching their heads too.

@ Dreamy J - same rock as Desy? LOL 26? I wonder how old you'll be when you are 34 like me?

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I can so relate to this post.