Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I Learned This Weekend In Gainesville.

Things I learned this weekend

5 hours is entirely too long to ride without consistent radio, ipod, book on tape, something.. So, when it raided real hard last month, my antenna broke off leaving me with only a few strong radio stations. That was really no problem, because it also made my iPod adapter work even better. Earlier in the week, I brought the iPod in the house to upload my new music, but ummm errrr… now I can’t find it. I checked the couches, the bed, the junk pile. I really hope I didn’t accidentally throw it away. As a result, for most of my trip to Florida I was relegated to listening to Country, classic rock or contemporary Christian music. Not exactly my cup of tea. I loved it when the NPR signal was strong, but that was only for about an hour. I almost drove myself crazy without a proper distraction.

I wasn’t ready for Jameil’s neighbors. She told me about the Christmas lights, but I still wasn’t prepared for that IN OCTOBER!!! I mean, Halloween isn’t even here yet. I love Christmas as much as the next man, but we got a couple more holidays first… (Halloween, Thanksgiving, My Birthday –LOL) And then the neighbor that was vacuuming her apartment for an hour on Sunday, an apparently 30 minutes on Saturday. It was really weird. I was wondering if Jamel lived under Monk’s apartment with that level of OCD. I also wasn’t ready for the couple that was watching me struggle trying to get the couch out the back seat of Jameil’s car. I didn’t want them to help, but I also didn’t want them to sit there and mock me with their eyes.

The Alachua county fair is really bootleg. But it was still fun. Jameil begged me to buy her some chocolate covered bacon. It was okay. I only had a lil piece b/c chocolate gives me headaches, but Jameil devoured that h.. (I think you can tell what I was going to type, but then I imagined the google searches that would lead to my blog. LOL) There was no one there, so most of the rides, we were the only people on them. And they went on forever and ever. The last ride we had to tell the guy that that was enough. I was amused that in addition to the normal haggard looking carnies, they also had ticket takers that didn’t speak English. I guess affirmative action has hit the fair circuit. LOL
Mexico Lindo is really the same restaurant as Los Margaritos. The only difference is the hokey interior design. The food was good, but I was hoping for something different from a new Mexican restaurant. I guess that since they are owned by the same people, they have the same menu and cooks. And why did they have the smallest TVs known to man. I think them joints were 13 inches. It reminded me of what my homeboy used to have in his dorm room. Do you know how hard it is to play playstation on a 13 inch tv? Wait, that wasn’t what I was talking about. Let’s move on…

I’m not a fan of tequila anymore. Which is really weird because I love margaritas. I just don’t love homemade margaritas. There was something too strong about the Jose I was sipping on this weekend. Really disappointing..

Okay, my phone won’t stop ringing, so I’m going to stop posting now. And yes, I’m fully aware that I am supposed to do work at work, but it doesn’t stop me from being frustrated when I actually have to..


Ladynay said...

Riding with no music/distraction SUCKS ASS!!! It must have felt like the trip took 10 hours!

My neighbors have pumpkin lights up so maybe Jameil's neighbors have the pumpkin ones too? Maybe? Perhaps? Let's hope! LOL!

Chocolate covered bacon, again, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw

How dare folks call you and want you to work? The nerve!!!! hahaha

Nexgrl said...

I too get irritated when my phone at work rings and it's related call. I get irritated at home when the landline/cell rings. I talk to people all day long, I'm tired of talking when I get home.

Um, until you find that ipod, can you invest in a new antena? Just a suggestion.

Opinionated Diva said...

I can't go to the store down the block and around the corner without my music. I can't imagine long distance driving without proper getaway music. lol...but you made it ok.

lmao @ the nabes eyeballing you as you struggled with the sofa. I can just picuture you smirking at them.

and still lol @ the christmas lights...ALREADY!! damn!

12kyle said...

Can't believe you rode that far without music. LOL. I think I would have gone crazy

LMAO @ bootleg fair. I can only imagine

Not So Anonymous said...

I hate when I forget to bring cds along on car rides...actually, I just hate long car rides period.

You are missing out on an amazing world given that chocolate gives you a headache...craziness. Everyone needs chocolate in their life!

I hate fair rides because they're too rickety (sp) and make me literally vomit every time.

Glad you have fun with Jameil this weekend, though!!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Good ole Gainesville.

UF Gators c/o '90 in the house.

Jameil said...

i can't believe you rode that far w/o music! that would be hard for me & i know you love music far more than i do. idk why the christmas lights didn't phase me! YOU ARE SO WACK FOR THAT BACON FABRICATION!!!!! LIES & VICIOUS RUMORS!! Everyone knows I don't like chocolate that much. & certainly not enough to beg for chocolate anything. those tvs were too small to be up so high. foolishness. not liking tequila is sad. smh.

pserendipity said...

Your one liners are always classic. Affirmative Action has hit the fair circuit.

And now I can't stop laughing.
But why was nobody there? It's the fair! Not even kids? Dang...that's lame.

Desy said...

Oh wow- i'm so completely thowed by the christmas lights in october... that goes beyond the early bird- those are the same neighbors that will have those ish up in the middle of february

umm- gonna have to pass on the chocolate covered bacon... that's just a little too much confliction for me...

you shoulda started rappin on your ride... give yourself some new hip hop but i feel for you with that one

really? you're gonna vacuum two days in a row.... hm. o-k-then

Adei von K said...

Jam tore up that choc covered bacon!!! HAHAHAHA!

I wouldn't be able to cope without music in the car! but at the same time, I'd rather ride in silence than listen to country. those trips up the middle part of florida can get reeeeeaally long without an ipod adapter!!

Ms. Behaving said...

5 hours without consistent music???
Would I be wrong for saying better you than me!!! **Hell i'd have lost my mind after the first 30 minutes**

LOL @ the xmas lights...

If you think it's completely weird to see em' up in October, imagine seein' a home that displays em' alllllllllll year round...

Madness I tell you!!

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