Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mindspacing: The Sequel

10 more random thoughts in the style of Jameil.

1. I wish my TV had a v chip that blocked all content that mentions Brett Favre. I really hate how every word he says is reported as fact, when it's subject to change in the next 43 minutes. I'm retired, I'm unretired. I'm not playing for revenge. I want revenge. That and the announcers knob slobbery of him makes me ill.

2. It wasn't too long ago that I would watch every football game that came on TV - college and pro. Now, a game or two is enough for me. After the Falcons play, I'm good.

3. I wish they would bring back silent movies for a very specific reason - Gabrielle Union. She is so pretty, but once she opens her mouth and starts to "act", she just ruins it. Or maybe they could just dub her voice with some more talented, less attractive actress.

4. I went to the movies twice in two days this weekend. I saw that old wack "Paranormal Activity" and the pretty good "Good Hair." I think almost that matches the number of times I've been to the movies in the last 2 years.

5. I can't take people that are bipolar in their Facebook/Blogger posts. It's like pick what you want to be. Do you want to be the inspirational Jesus person, or the woe is me person? Are you going to be the one that posts videos of Fred Hammond or the one that posts videos of teenagers fighting? Pick one, or at the very least, don't be contradictory within the same hour.

6.DJ AM winning a BET Hip Hop award for DJ of the year? Really??? I don't take award shows seriously, but come on? And his reality show about helping young people on drugs? Didn't he die of an overdose? Can you really take him seriously, no matter how noble his intentions may have been?

7. Jameil and I have horrible experiences with waiters/waitresses in Atlanta. Why do they all seem to disappear when its time to give us the check. When I'm done eating, I'm ready to go. I'm not trying to sit there sucking on the ice in my empty cup while you do God knows what. I'm trying to pay you. Better be lucky they didn't know the old me. I would have dined and dashed so fast back in the day. LOL

8. I've been having some crazy dreams lately.. including one where I was sawing off someones head. Weird, huh? I go through periods where I have the strangest dreams.

9. Remember when people said they wouldn't listen to R Kelly after the little girl controversy, or Chris Brown after the Rihanna thing? Yeah, y'all some liars! LOL

10. I liked it better when none of my neighbors had cars. I used to have the parking lot to myself, but now the Africans that live above me have anywhere from 2-4 cars and the woman next to me has a van. Get out of my parking spot, people!!!


Jameil said...

Anytime you reference me in a post is a good thing. I wish I had a v-chip on my computer to block all irritating entertainment news on Gab & Vivica should keep their mouths shut. Vivica's really showing her age in her face now. I had fun going to the movies with you! I have to delete the people I know are hateful and/or hellions in person who are holy ghost-filled & fire baptized on fb. I can't. I don't understand why people are slack when it comes to getting their money????????? you know i still don't listen to r. immediately turn the channel. you never moved from my parking spot when i was there! you know your car's just the place-holder for mine!

Ladynay said...

1. Brett who? LOL!

3. Don't you have the ability most men have? Yah know, the one where you focus on the pretty physical part and tune out the voice?

5. Hey! We multi personality folks have to express how we feel when we feel it. I may be in a Jesus zone one day and ready to shoot somebody and spit on their corpse the next! Don't judge me! LOL!

6. DJ AM is up for the award because he is dead. Period.

8. Did you know the person you we're cutting? If so, did you forgive them for apparently pissing you off in real life?

Trish said...

1. I agree about the v chip, but I would use mine to block out late night Viagara and Cialis commercials.

2. I've never watched an entire football game, to me it's like watching Titanic two times in one day.

5. I also agree about people who praising one minute and cursing their baby daddy out the next.

7. I have no idea what waitresses think when they vanish around bill time, one lady took so long I started to leave.

8. I have crazy dreams whenever I eat pork at night.

12kyle said...

I can't put Chris Brown in the same category with R-uh Kelly. I'm no fan of both but I will not listen to Kells muzik. I just won't.

Brett Favre is a joke. He'll fall on his face soon enough

Nexgrl said...

I work on Sundays, so I miss all football games. I only flip for the score anyway.

I have had other restaurant staff get the waitress for me, when they take too long.

Not so Anonymous said...

OMG...I just laughed so loud reading the dream comment that one of the admin assistants came into my office to see what was so funny.

I feel horrible thinking that is so funny, but even commenting, I can't stop chuckling.


Rashan Jamal said...

@ jameil - okay, I'll make sure you get another reference in my next post. The diff between gab and vivica is that I've never like Vivica. I knew you could feel me about the contradictory people. That's my parking space!!!

@ ladynay - sorry, I didn't mean to offend the mentally ill. LOL AM def got the award b/c he's dead. No idea who I was cutting, didn't look familiar to me at all.

@ Trish - those commercials are on way too much. I'm okay with the night time, but the day time airings are awkward to me. It just seems like if you want a tip, and you want to get paid, the wait staff needs to be attentive.

@ 12kyle - yeah, what Kels did was even worse. But he still gets mad radio play. I'm waiting for Favre to start slacking again.

@ Nexgrl - we had to do that on Friday night. we got the check, but he took forever to get his money. Seriously got his tip cut down

@ aretha - it's funny now, but when it was happening I was like "Why am I doing this? Somebody stop me." LOL

Nerd Girl said...

#1 - I had to let go of my little crush on Favre. He has gone from endearing to annoying. Next!

#3 - I feel the same way about Halle Berry.

#9 - I STILL don't listen to R'uh! But I can't lie - I almost, almost stepped in the name of love this weekend.

Rashan Jamal said...

@ nerd girl - I think its okay to listen to old school R'uh, from before the video came out. j/k LOL