Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Open Letter To Maxwell

I'm biting off Pserendipity's style today...

Hey, Maxwell. Enough already. I get it.. You can sing. You make classic soul music. You make the ladies swoon. But for real, can you go away again?

I know that you got 2 more albums coming out in the next year. I’ll probably illegally download them too. The first one is pretty good, even if its mad short. But that’s not the point. The point is that I’m tired of seeing you, hearing you, and hearing about you. Can you please release the hypnotic hold you have on the ladies of America (maybe it’s the same overseas too. I can see you doing a show in Sierra Leonne or something)? Every time you show comes to town, I have to hear the ladies give all the details about the show. Or every time I log into Facebook, I have to see blurry camera phone pictures of your concert or a 3 week countdown to your show. I really don’t need to hear about your tight pants again ever in my life. Or how women don’t like light skinned men, but they’ll make an exception for you. Or how much, where and in what ways you could get it. For real, enough already.
I know it’s not your fault. You can’t help being the way you are and I don’t want to ruin your career, but can you just maybe go tour Europe for awhile. Get some of them euros or something. Give me and the rest of the brothers in the states a break from the constant Maxwell worshiping. I’d like to be able to go an hour or two without hearing “Pretty Wings” or “Bad Habit” from a co worker’s computer. I promise, I’m not jealous. I have a woman, so that’s not the issue. I’m just a little tired of you, and that can quickly turn into irritation, which can quickly turn into despising, which can quickly turn into me showing up to your concert with a sniper’s rif… Maybe, I shouldn’t type that last sentence. But for real, Maxwell… enough already.

Thanks in advance,

Rashan Jamal


SimplyB said...

HA!!!! I just made my sister CRY on Sunday because I brought her the CD for her birthday.

Maxwell has been in the game for a while so I think his hold on woman is here to stay.....

Ladynay said...

ROFLMBBBO! Dude been off the radar for many years and just when he getting back into the groove you want him gone again??? How dare you Rashan! How dare you!

He'll be overseas sangin' to them in a minute, be patient. LOL!

Jameil said...

I don't care what you say. This post sounds like hate! Lol. You should be glad I'm not a fiend for Maxwell and take what you can get.

Not So Anonymous said...

you're a nut case...leave maxwell alone, lol

12kyle said...

*internet dap* for this post!

I was just getting on one of my boyz who took his wife to see Maxwell. Are you kiddin me? LOL

Nerd Girl said...

I concur. I think I'm the only woman in America who could care less about Maxwell, his Pretty Wings, or his Bad Habits. Even my 5 year old daughter will holler from the back seat "Mama, mama, turn it up, that's Pretty Wings!" Sigh.

Nexgrl said...

Well Rashan, I was with those women you're referring to this past Saturday night. It was crazy, so many women standing and screaming for him throughout his set.
I went to see Jamie Foxx at the same venue, the previous Sat. It was smooth sailing, little traffic.

For Maxwell, it took me almost an hour to get from the freeway exit to the venue parking lot.

Talulazoeapple said...

I am a screaming, concert attending, legally CD purchasing Maxwell fan.

Love the rant, though, funny!

Ms. Behaving said...

Wooooooah Rah...You comin' across just a lil' bit BITTER bruh!!! LMAO

Besides...I think Jameil has made a GREAT point. If she ain't trippin, YOU shouldn't be either!!!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I feel you on that. I'm tired of Pretty Wings and as much as I like the video to Bad Habits, I'm tired of hearing it to.

Good Post.

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Simply B - Yeah, but can he have a hold without me having to hear about it? LOL

@ Ladynay - I'm a hater.. that's how dare I?

@jameil - yeah yeah yeah.. call it hate if you like..

@ not so - nope, he's in the public eye, so he is fair game for my hateration.

@ 12 kyle - I heard cats at work talk about bringing their girl to the concert... bad move if you are the jealous type.LOL

@ nerd girl - oh no, he's starting young!!!

@ nexgrl - you were with them, but were you one of them?

@ taluzoeapple - thanks... I actually like Maxwell, he's just a little omnipresent. not his fault I know. LOL

@ MS B - not bitter.. well not for the reason you think I am. I'm just tired of him

@ Rich - thanks... maybe if they didn't play his songs incessantly, I'd be less likely to hate. LOL

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