Tuesday, September 1, 2009

True Beef

A tree died for me to scribe on this loose leaf
Shallow brothas like “median is too deep”
Cats stay frontin’ like they runnin who streets?
World trade terror? Now that’s true beef.
The innocent fear for their lives now. Running out the White House
Shut down airlines, they turning lights out
Temperatures rising, melting ice now
At the polars of the earth, and we getting high now.

Median – “How Big Is Your World”

What’s Beef? Beef is when your mom’s ain’t safe up in these streets (Biggie 1997). It’s not this internet stuff. I can’t stand how people get all brave in an anonymous format. They use it as an excuse to say the most ridiculous, antagonistic, racist, sexist things, knowing there can be no recourse for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a rider in real life. I don’t think I’m a tough guy, but then again, I’m not saying stuff online that I wouldn’t say in person. It just really kills me how strangers can have so much e-beef. Full disclosure: I’ve been involved in my fair share of blog beef as well, but I think blogger is a little different because this format is a little more intimate, and you get to know more about the people you read and that read about you. But for cats to get mad about stuff that happens on Facebook , Twitter and various entertainment blogs seems dumb to me.
Case in point: One of my former co workers that I’m friends with on Facebook was going through some stuff the other day. Apparently, some chick that she was messing with her dude and decided to blast her on Facebook. Then they went back and forth all day with accusations and insults. While it was entertaining to me, I’ll be darned if someone is gonna attack me on FACEBOOK!!! You know what I would have done? Hit delete. Why even argue with someone on a format that you can control? You don’t have to be her friend. Getting caught up in that old fake e beef. That’s not true beef.

I realized the other day why I don’t like Twitter. It’s too many people on there with too many mean spirited opinions. I’m mean as hell, so if I think it’s too mean then that’s saying something. I read this trending topic the other day.. and people were just sniping at each other for no reason. Somebody said something that the other person didn’t like, so they just kept going back and forth with insults and threats of violence. Why waste your time? That’s not real beef. You don’t know that person. You don’t even know their real name. For real, you gonna spend your energy hating @thugnificent?

Not that I’m advocating having beef. But if you have to have some kind of beef, don’t let it be some old fake internet stuff.


Ladynay said...

People still have internet beef? Haven't seen that in a long time! But I'm also not on Twitter and my FB time is like once every 2 weeks for 5 minutes! LOL!

Jameil said...

not @thugnificent! that dude came out his face at me tho!! I. AIN'T. LIKE. THAT!! AND I AIN'T GONNA TAKE IT!!! lolol.

Not so Anonymous said...

yeah, I think the e-beef is ridiculous myself. I saw a facebook beef last month between people I knew in high school...I was laughing and disgusted all at the same time...ridiculous!


Keith said...

Yeah internet beef is something else. I think two bloggers are mad at me right now. One because they strongly disagreed with a position I took ON MY BLOG!! The other because of something I wrote in the comments section of their blog which was meant to be a joke,but got taken the wrong way...Story of my life, I stay in trouble..I'm always pissing somebody off..
But I agree..Internet beef is ridiculous.

Adei von K said...

@gangstalicious is SERIOUS, yo!!!

internet beef is funny.

12kyle said...

i laugh at this "internet beef". it's maaad comical to me.

i've never had any kinda beef on my blog, facebook, or twitter. not sure why. i just stay positive and keep it movin

Nexgrl said...

When someone starts tweeting stuff that I rather not bother reading, I just unfollow them. I love the fact that you can also block folks. I haven't had a blog beef, but if I don't like someone's attitude, I can always stop reading their blog.

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Ladynay - as long as there are people, there will be beef, and if they got the internet, it'll happen there too.

@ jameil - @thugnificent is gangsta, yo!!!

@ Aretha - thats a great description - laughing and disgusted.

@ Keith - why they messing with you??? My blog, my rules. you can disagree, but don't get crazy. knowwhati'msayin?

@adei - I started to use @gangstalicious for this post. LOL

@12 kyle - I thought I kept it moving too, but sometimes, no matter what I did, people got all mad at me.

@ nexgirl - that's the right attitude to have. people just dont seem to be able to let things go.

Anonymous said...

You’re absolutely right on point. I've seen some truly ridiculous stuff gong on on FB. That is not the place to air your problems...its soo childish