Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yep, I'm biting Jameil's style.. Let's go mindspacing...

1. I think there must be a memo that goes out to women, that says if the temperature falls below 70, then wear your fuzzy boots. I’ve seen so many today, it’s ridiculous. Black ones, beige ones, green ones, purple ones…

2. Despite my penchant for being a jerk, I hold it in when I’m at work. My immediate co-workers still feel the wrath, but I’m actually pretty darn nice to customers and client managers. One thing that makes me be a jerk however is when people interrupt me. I’ve been known to just stop talking for a good 30 seconds and then say… “are you ready for me to continue now?” in a jerky voice. I feel like a teacher when I do that and as an added bonus, it makes them feel stupid.

3. I’m so over the mohawk. I get it, it’s trendy. But enough. You look like a kid. There is a grown man with  a dreadlocked mohawk at my job. I was looking at him like he was a clown playing dress up in his daddy’s suit. Judgmental? You bet. But you did it to yourself!!!

4. It always trips me out when white people beg for money. It seems like a waste of whiteness. I was at a gas station on my way to Florida the other night and this white guy came up to me with a sob story. He was intent on telling me the whole story about how everybody did him wrong. I finally said, “if I give you a dollar, will you go away?” He said yes, so I did. LOL

5. It’s been a good month for hip hop. Jay-Z’s joint is good, although there are a few tracks I wish he would have left on the cutting room floor. Raekwon’s Cuban Linx 2 is even better and now Ghostface has an album coming out today. I can’t remember the last time there were 3 hip hop albums came out that I was actually excited to hear.

6. Every year for the last 4 or 5, I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to watch any new television shows, and every year I fail. Same thing this year. Flashforward looks pretty cool. I’ll also probably watch “The Cleveland Show” since I like “Family Guy.” Luckily, I haven’t watched too many other new shows, and the ones I did watch (Mercy, The Forgotten), I wasn’t really a fan of.

7. Why do I still have water in my car from last weeks flooding/rainstorm/tsunami in Atlanta. I scooped out a bunch, and then when I got back there was still some under the rug. I thought going to balls hot Florida would have dried some of it, but all it really did is to create it’s own humidity that made my windows fog up.

8. It’s like 73.8% harder being away from Jameil for two weeks at a time this year, than it was last year. I think I got spoiled having her with me for most of the summer. I’m a need her to hurry up and get that degree so we can live in the same city.

9. I don’t understand people who are intentionally cryptic. Why is everything so secret? And if you don’t want to tell us about it, then don’t tell. I’m not going to ask you what you are talking about. I’m sure not gonna ask twice. Hit me up when you want to converse like a normal human being.

10. Can someone please explain to me why so many bloggers have hair care, fashion and makeup blogs? Not everyone is a fashionista. A lot of your hair care tips are the same, can y’all go ahead and consolidate? Some of your ideas about makeup involves looking like a clown. Can’t people just write about their lives anymore?

11. Somebody at work thought I wasn’t food adventurous because I said I prefer a sausage or pepperoni pizza to those crazy Mellow Mushroom/California Pizza Kitchen concoctions. I’m just saying, I like spinach, olives, and feta cheese, but I don’t want it on my pizza. And certainly not for as much as they cost. $20 for a pizza is out of control unless it’s one of those Chicago Stuffed Pizzas from Giordanos. I’ll pay whatever they charge.

12. I’m finding it really hard to keep come up with things to blog about. I always seem to have ideas when I’m driving, or in the shower, but when I actually get a free moment to write a post, the thoughts keep escaping. I need one of those voice recorders to record my thoughts.


Ladynay said...

1)Must be an GA thing. I haven't seen the fuzzy boots yet

3)The mohawk is still in style? I haven't seen anyone rocking that in months! Hmph!

5) I thought Jay, Raekwon, and Ghostface were considered rap. Is there a difference in your opinion?

7) Does your car stink from the sitting water?

8)73.8% really? *gag*

Ginae said...

2)you hide your jerkiness well on

4)lmao! you so crazy...but loved how your came back on a crazy person with craziness of your own and transferred the craziness back to him (the transference of craziness)..okay i'm being silly from Two Can Play That Game..remember Anthony Anderson's theory about the transference of energy/emotion?

5)did you know Mariah's Cd came out today..LOL...just threw that in because I know you could care less.

7)wow didn't know you got affected by the rains like that! you didn't even tell us

8)aw so sweet. you and Jam are my fav blog how'd you come up with 73.8? lol

12)you'd better not stop blogging again. yeah i'm a cyberspace bully! trying to get a tude when I don't even blog...


Anonymous said...

lol @ a waste of whiteness.

aw for missing jameil. you two are so darn cute.

I bet your car is funky...ick.

I agree about the hair, makeup thing. some ppl feel the need to have a biggie.

the mohawk was never fly to me...hmmm, maybe I'm not trendy enough.

I forgot what else I was going to comment on...


Jameil said...

be like me! yesss!! no fuzzy boots for me. not purple fuzzy boots tho... i think you're jealous of the mohawks and come to think of it, probably the boots, too. the begging is out of control. i walk by all beggars but white beggars? i scoff and roll my eyes. i could care less about those cds but ash made it seem like mariah carey bumps! i wanna hear it! i make a concerted effort not to get up on any new tv crack. being away from you is SO sucktastic. my faves are the fb statuses, "rashan is..." *eye roll* you know i love my crazy concoction pizzas!! except the ones w/potatoes. yuck. i'm sure your phone has a voice recorder.

Chan said...

i'm on the floor...u are right, the uggs and what not are already in full effect. ok, i have on boots today...but they ain't the furry ones.

yea, the whole waste of whiteness is great! lmbo. i never thought of it that way, but isn't it the truth.

and i'm with u on 12. me 2

btw, i'm chan...i like ur blog. i have been on blogspot for yrs, but just switched to wordpress. come check me out sometime.

onefromphilly said...

WOw furry boots in Sept. If you ain't in Alaska then I don't get it.

Awww 73.8%...that's so sweet. But could you please explain your equation for reaching this number. I might want to use it some day. :-)

Nerd Girl said...

A waste of whiteness? I am too through!

12kyle said...

I too have seen the boots. The temp drops and here come the damn boots!

I coach my son's team (6 and 7 yr olds) and there are a few kids with mohawks. I don't like it. I'm tired of the look. It looks even worse on grown ass men

I'm loving the Jay Z cd. Lovin the Rae joint. Gotta cop the Ghostface.

Adei von K said...

I think it is HUH-LARIOUS that you ask people if they're ready to let you continue!!!!!! OMG, JERK ON THE PREMISES!!!!

Whoa! I don't want you to have water in your car!!!! and then a make-shift sauna!! Daaaaang!!! Next time, you should drive to Arizona and see how it works. Question: did you crack the windows?

Jameil said...

Adei... of course he didn't crack the windows. He says he was scared of the daily Florida rains (which he didn't know had subsided).

Rashan Jamal said...

@ LadyNay - here's how the hip-hop vs rap thing works. If I like it, its hip hop, if not its rap. LOL But really to me, its about lyrical style. If its too simple, I'll call it rap.

@ Ginae - I came up with 73.8 by expanding the corrolary with by the hypoteneuse of the cogent... Math rocks!!!

@ Aretha - the car is surprisingly not that funky, but just a little. I never dug the mohawk on dudes, its even worse on women.

@ jameil k - next time I come down, I'll have a mohawk and some fuzzy tims!!! LOL You like that Mariah? It sounded pretty good, when I was downloading, but I wont exactly be riding to it. ALTHOUGH... if I'll have fuzzy boots, It might be apropos.. seperation does suck..

@ Chan - I'll come check you know you got on your uggs. LOL I'm saying, you have this wonderful opportunity of being in charge of the country, and you just mess it up.. you're wasting your whiteness. LOL

@ onefromphilly - I thought that trend would play out by now... see my response to Ginae...

@ Nerd Girl - Like that? LOL

@ Kyle - I haven't listened to the ghost, but he usually represents.. grown men with mohawks look stupid to me.

@ adei - well since jameil already answered the window question... Its funny to me when I treat them like a child and they are usually just like "did he just say that?" LOL

Keith said...

A Grown man with a dread locked mohawk is a clown!