Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Play To Win The Game

I love this clip...

Maybe I don’t have a heart, but certain sports stories kinda make me sick. I’m talking about all these heart warming stories about how high school athletes should not run up the score, or how an athlete didn’t score a touchdown when he had a chance because the other team had some sort of tragedy. These stories get major play on ESPN with the sappy sentimental music playing and the narrator using his “I’m so sensitive” voice. Or you’ll read about how parents are upset and coaches are getting reprimanded because the other team sucked too badly to stop them. They call it sportsmanship, and I get where they are coming from. But the thing is this: That don’t make no sense!!! While I understand the need for compassion, I don’t see any place for that in a game. Save that for after the whistle blows. What is the object of a game? To win, right? It’s not to make the other team feel better about themselves. You better believe that if they could beat you they would. If you are better than the other team, then you deserve to win. Don’t have to tiptoe around your superior athletic prowess just because some parents might get mad.

You aren’t going to see that in real life. Steve Jobs isn’t going to stop selling the iPod just because the Zune can’t keep up. He’s gonna keep selling until Microsoft can stop him. Do you think the US should all of a sudden stop the war in Afghanistan because there was an earthquake? No, you’re trying to win that war! Take it back to high school. How would you feel if the valedictorian tanked her SATs because someone else had a death in the family? Or should they downplay their intelligence because they are surrounded by dummies? Nope! I mean you can empathize, but you don’t have to get extreme with it. Sometimes, you just don’t win. You need to be prepared for disappointment. It’s not the end of the world.

When I was in high school our girls basketball team lost 100-2 to Beach High School. I’m pretty sure that one game didn’t ruin their lives. Drugs and promiscuity did that. LOL I’m only playing. I’m sure they are fine upstanding citizens now. Or maybe I’m the wrong one. Maybe it is important to preserve these athletes self esteem. I’m sure these same athletes aren’t going out of their way to preserve the self esteem of the nerds, freaks and weirdos, but that’s probably another post. It just seems that the object of the game is to win, not to coddle someone’s hurt feelings. Disagree? Hit me up in the comments and let me know. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna cry if you present a better argument than me. It’s just a game.


Adei von K said...

YES!!!! I am so surprised that America, the land of capitalism and 'it ain't trickin if you got it', trips over BS like "running up the score" NO!!! If you don't want them to get 100 points, do something about it!! i think it's called DEFENSE!!

so wack. EVERYBODY who complains about sportsmanship is a HYPOCRITE! that term was coined by a loser.

Jameil said...

not 100-2 & Drugs and promiscuity did that!!! lololol. my h.s.'s football team lost 76-0 to a team my soph. year... pathetic. PATHETIC!! dead @ adei "EVERYBODY who complains about sportsmanship is a HYPOCRITE! that term was coined by a loser." LOLOLOL!!! y'all are a mess!!

Not So Anonymous said...

I agree games are meant to be won, and no one should stop playing at the top of their game because they are clearly kicking the other team's butt. I do, however, like to hear the heartfelt stories associated with these acts. I'm a softie :/

Keith said...

I agree....If you are the better team, go on and win...(Now if you're up 100 to 2...There really is no need to keep scoring is there?-ROFLMAO.)

onefromphilly said...

WAR, SAT's and business are the real deal. SPORTS is just a game! Except professional sports where men get paid a grip.

But in highschool it is not important to trounce, kick and spit on your opponent. It shows a lack of diplomacy to try to embarass your opponent. Win by a comfortable margin and then coast. After all a W is a W.

And I say this a Philadelphia Eagles fan who would participate in a rumble in the stands if somebody came up in Liberty Stadium with a Cowboys, Redskins or Giants jersey on!!! HA!

12kyle said...

wow! 100-2? damn!

good post

i think people forget about the times when they were on the losing end of a blowout. i don't think you should run up the score. it's all about winning AND sportsmanship

SincerelyGo said...

I totally agree (except for the judgmental statement placed on the girls) LOL

Yep...Play to Win leave your feelings at home BABE!



Rashan Jamal said...

@ adei - LOL - it's the American Way!!! LOL @ coined by a loser.

@ jameil- you like that. I cracked myself up writing that line... 76-0 is pretty bad.

@ Aretha -well then I should send you the link that inspired this post. A team was up by 46, so they let a kid with downs syndrome score a touchdown. it was a feel good story...

@ keith - here's how i see it, if the other team is still trying to score, then I'm still trying to score. in football, i understand running out the clock, but if they cant stop the run, then thats on them.

@ one from philly - Good point... I can understand where you are coming from.. (I bet you didn't expect me to concede that easily did you? lOL)

@ kyle - yeah, they sucked... put in the scrubs, but if my 2nd team is better than your 1st team, its not my fault that you cant stop me. LOL

@ Go - what? you didn't like my joke? I crack myself up! LOL

Nexgrl said...

I'm not really a fan of sports of any kind. I do remember that the whole team discussed letting the kid with downs syndrome play.