Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don't Care

And if you're dumb, you'll ask why
I am from that Do-or-Die
The Audio Two, the Two's Audio
I got a brother and his name's Gizmo
Milk is chillin, Gizmo's chillin
What more can I say? Top billin
That's what we get, got it good
And since you understood, would you
Bite a rhyme, if you dare
I get the paper so I don't care

Audio Two “Top Billin’”

Hey Rashan?
What up?
Did you hear…
Yeah, I don’t care.

People stop talking to me about stuff that was in the news last week. I have the internet, cable tv, and more timely people around me. So when you ask me if I heard about the latest celebrity marriage or that so and so is so and so’s baby daddy, not only did I already hear about it, I don’t care.

That’s the real thing. I don’t care about celebrities. I mean I enjoy watching their movies, and listening to their music and cheering at their sports matches, but I don’t care anything about their personal lives. It doesn’t benefit me, and I’m not quite sure that their lives are any more interesting than mine. Sure, they have more money and do more shopping, but they aren’t buying me anything. I’ve never understood why people clamor to go to clubs because a celebrity is going to be there. How much fun are you going to have just gawking at them in VIP? I guess if you are a groupie, it makes sense, but for a normal guy? It makes no sense. Watching someone else having a good time does nothing for me.

And then another reason I don’t care. I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but being a celeb gives these people a platform to say whatever they want. Usually, whatever they want to say is stupid.. or misguided.. or at the very least disappointing. I’m not going to get up in arms about Kanye, because he is a celeb and they do and say stupid stuff just like everybody else. We all know a Kanye type that can’t stop talking. He just does it in public. I’m just waiting for another album. But the hero worship of celebrities is bound to backfire. How many times have we seen people that were put on a pedestal only to have a very messy, public fall after details of their sordid lives come out? I just choose to look at them as people, and like most people, they are flawed.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t had a celebrity crush in a minute. The last one was Amerie and that was like 5 years ago. They aren’t any great shakes to me. They may be pretty, but the prettiest people do the ugliest things (Kanye 2002). Or if they don’t do ugly stuff, they do dull uninteresting things or say stupid stuff. I really don’t see any need to check for them other than for their talent. Just keeping it in perspective.

So, if you ask me if I heard about this or that… more than likely I did. But even more likely is that I don’t care.


12kyle said...

lauren london used to be pretty in my eyes until she let lil wannng run up in her raw. lol

seriously, i feel u. i think some people take celebs too serious and too far.

Ladynay said...

*co signs and walks away*

Adei von K said...

yeah, i lost interest in some celebs i followed on twitter. they are very normal people, just like the rest of us. i wish i didn't follow them in the 1st place. now, i skip e. badu on my ipod.

Nerd Girl said...

Huh? What did you say? I'm jamming so hard in my head right now I believe I missed the gist of your post.

"Milk is chillin' Gizmo's chillin' What more can I say...."

You took me back with that one ~ thanks! :P

I'll get back to your post now...

Jameil said...

son. i KNOW their lives aren't any more interesting than mine. i can barely stand to hear about the drama of friends of friends let alone someone i've never met and never will. the closest i get to that is bloggers and at least they're normal people who haven't been put on pedestals (minus the one blogger i semi-follow who parlayed her blogdom into pseudo-celeb status). i will be all UP in a blogger's biz! lolol. but a celeb? gimme a break. i want to see what they're wearing and whatever talent they have & that's all they can do for me. clearly that's the reason i no longer subscribe to instyle. celeb worship!

Not So Anonymous said...

You made a great point when you said they have a platform to say whatever they want. That is where the interst derived. What they say is amplified for all to hear, whether you care or not. Right or wrong, they are put on pedestals, which in turn make them idols, role models, whatever you want to call them to children and adults. I think people get outraged by the "mistakes" they make because the pedestal status says that they expect perfection.

I'm not a celeb follower myself, never done the twitter following, etc. The most I will do is read a couple mags while waiting in the grocery line. However, I can see how people get sucked in.

The fact is, the standard for how they live is greater because they are more visible and we see how much they've been "given". You know the adage, "to whom much is given, much is expected." No one expects outburts or silly antics. sigh.


Go said...

Well did you hear about...?Joking!I'm totally here with you I don't get excited by celebrities at Venice Beach the brother-in-law was pointing out this person and that person until I was like ...I have no idea who those people are..and no I don't want to take a picture. However if Morris Chestnut allowed me to hug him while he cupped my ass in his hands..that'd be picture worthy! LOL



Rashan Jamal said...

@ Kyle - yeah, she's mad tainted now. LOL

@ Ladynay - *dap*

@ Adei - wow, i think Badu would just intrigue me more, I've known she was weird forever.

@ Nerd Girl - I used to rock that song back to back on my boom box. LOL

@ jameil - LOL @ all up in the blogger's biz.. I'm with you on that, its based on their words, not their so called status...

@ Aretha - so true... except I expect it. My cynical azz is actually surprised when I DON'T hear about some mess with a celeb.

@ Go - Morris Chesnutt been making women crazy for 20 years. I guess, sorta like Halle has had the men on lock... (neither one of them can act, though! HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE)