Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spacely's Sprockets

Well, its not your fault that you're very attractive
And from last night I can tell that your active
In bed, but baby don't play the pockets
Cuz I can squeeze a dollar tighter than Spacely's Sprockets
Diamond D - "Red Light, Green Light"

I used to be like that miserly cartoon character from "The Jetsons." In fact, I can still be at times. But at other times, I just can’t stop spending. Which is not a good thing. Jameil calls it hemorrhaging money. I feel like that sometimes. Like I need to put a tourniquet on my wallet.  I need to get it under control.

I’m amazed at how far I can stretch a dollar sometimes. I can go to the grocery store and spend $20 and have enough food for 2 weeks. A pack of chicken breasts, some ground turkey and some peanut butter will last me all week. I don’t get really get tired of eating the same things over and over. Let’s just say I make my chicken and broccoli alfredo, I can get 4 good meals out of that. I can eat it until its gone. I don’t feel the need to have something different. Same thing if I go get fast food. I can eat a $5 footlong Tuna and have all the food I'll need for a day. It’s cheap and its good. I drive an old school car because I don't want/need a car payment. As long as I get to work everyday and to Florida to see Jameil every 2 weeks, I'm good. I don't have to have something new.  I’m amazed at how much loot I don’t spend during those times.

Other times, I feel like I can’t stop spending money to save my life. That’s when I go out to eat a lot, or buy Goose for $35 instead of Smirnoff for $20, or let people hold a dollar when I know I’m never gonna see it again. I just like doing stuff sometimes. As much as I like being in the house, I like going out to restaurants, or to the movies, or anywhere. It’s a positive respite from being in the house all the time. But sometimes I think about how much money could be saved if I didn’t buy drinks at the bar. Or if I didn’t have to tip a subpar waiter. Or if I bought ground beef instead of ground lamb. It’s something that crosses my mind from time to time, usually on the Wednesday or Thursday before payday.

It’s only a problem because of the economy. Not the economy now, but the economy at the end of last year. Yep, I still blame Bush. LOL. That’s when my company decided to make drastic changes to the incentive program. Made it harder to get, and if I do get it, it’s drastically less. I did a quick unscientific audit, and found that unless something drastically changes, I’ll be making 10 k less than last year, just from lack of bonuses. Meanwhile, rent, cable and electricity ain’t going down, so the disposable income that I had last year, is not here this year. I hate actually having to think about money.

I need to get like miserly old Mr. Spacely again. One thing I realize working in the financial services industry is that rich people stay rich by being cheap. Don’t get me wrong, they spend, but they don’t overspend. They don’t let a penny pass them, whereas I have pennies all over the living room, bedroom, dining room and car floor. I overpay for my insurance because I don’t feel like calling to get a new company. I probably don’t need HBO when I can see all the shows on Yidio. Let’s not even talk about those days I waste gas by wandering aimlessly around the city. The thing that bugs me is that I know I can do better, because sometimes I do. I just need to do it more consistently.

PS – I’m not looking for financial advice. I’m just writing for my own gratification. I’m incapable of doing what someone else tells me to do, unless I was already going to do it. Thanks…


Jameil said...

you already told me but who is diamond d? you're so weird. i feel you on the saving and spending. i think i'm worse than you. 10k is painful. ouch! the grocery store is my weakness, tho. i can spend $100 in there EASY and be joyous all the way. (shocking, i know.)

Go B. said...

And you are right one of my professors use to always tell us ... " watch your penny's and your dollars will take care of themselves" Of course he was referring our estimates on buildng houses and such but I can see where that's true in every aspect of finances!

Good Post Crazy guy! Glad to have you back!



12kyle said...

I'm tight with money. Not cheap...I prefer the term frugal. LoL

You are a hip hop head and Jameil doesn't know who Diamond D is? LoL. You've gotta skool ya lady, fam

Good post

Adei von K said...

we need to be on the same plan. I start counting the HOURS till 11:59 on a Thursday. It doesn't make sense where money goes.

10K??? daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Damn homie.

Aretha said...

10k less in disposable income..that really sucks, but you already knew that :(

Yidio? Is that somewhere free shows live??? I'm going to investigate that.

GGood luck channeling Spacely Sproket soon, lol.

Ladynay said...

My uncle is one of the richest dudes in my fam on my moms side and he holds his money the tightest! So you right.

Much luck going back to your Spacely days!

Rashan Jamal said...

@ Jam - I'll burn you a copy of "Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop" LOL
I've been to the grocery store with you, so I know about the weakness.

@ Go B. - I'm Back!! frugal is the way to go.

@ Kyle - yeah, that wont work. She's mad younger than me, so she always just blinks when I pull out the old school references. LOL

@ Adei - yeah, I know... One day I'll get it together

@ Aretha - yidio - its a website that has links to tv shows and movies. usually all the hbo and showtime shows are on there like a week after they air.

@Ladynay - see, I need to get like your unc..

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