Monday, April 25, 2011

Operation: Stop Being Such A Fat-Arse

Saying arse doesn't count as cursing, right? LOL

A couple of Thursday's ago, my job held a health fair. They did screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, they did weight and measurement checks. I, like a lot of men I know, ain't really one for doctors. I only go if I'm about to die, which hasn't happened in a while. I even neglected my annual physical for the last couple of years, despite paying $50 sumn bucks out of my check every 2 weeks for insurance. So, basically, I'm a bad person. I get it.

Well, in the days prior to the screening I started getting a little nervous. What if they tell me something bad that I can't ignore. Ignorance is bliss, but once you know, you know and would be stupid to ignore it. I even considered not going, but I decided not to be a punk about it and go get checked. They stuck me and took some blood, and then did my measurements. Let's just say I was a little shocked by those results. I was about 15 pounds more than I thought I was based on the scale in the bathroom in Jameil's mother's house. I was also a lot bigger around the gut than I thought I was. Then they brought me to a little room to discuss the blood test results. My blood pressure was good. I wasn't diabetic, but my cholesterol was high. I can't say that was a surprise, since I really don't watch what I eat and have an extreme love of meat and cheese, but something about hearing and seeing the numbers on paper woke me up.

Since that time, I've been going hard on the everyday working out and healthier eating. I think the first couple of days, I probably didn't eat a single gram of cholesterol. Like I do with most things, I took it overboard. One day I didn't even eat at all, which I know is not healthy either, but I just couldn't figure out what to eat. My personality makes me go to extremes. It's all or nothing.  I started eating fish in lieu of beef or pork. I wandered around the grocery store looking at all the nutritional values of the food I was gonna buy. I bought all the things that I'm supposed to eat. But man... I just really want some bacon, yo!

I can already see results from the working out, but I have to admit, it's frustrating. I feel like it should go more quickly. Don't worry, this isn't gonna turn into an Oprah-esque weight loss roller coaster blog. I probably won't ever mention it again. I just know it's gonna be a long 6 months before I get my cholesterol checked again. I hope I can keep this up.  


Jameil said...

You are so cute trying to figure out what to eat. I'm proud of you for caring!! I need to keep you around! No more meal skipping! I've always hated that w/or w/o high cholesterol.

Jazzy said...

You can go back to eating oatmeal for dinner! lol

I was a vegetarian for nearly a year.....bacon brought me back into the light, so I feel your pain. That's good stuff yo...compensate with some turkey bacon though.

Glad you got a check-up and are looking forward to the follow-up in 6 months...more men should do that!

12kyle said...

I feel you at not going to the doctor. I went just last week and I was SHOOK as soon as I got there. But I was ok. LOL

Keep the workouts coming. You'll see the results that you want

Trish said...

I love bacon! I like all kinds of bacon too. It's cool that you're doing something about your health, we only get one body!

SincerelyGo said...

Ahhh Rashan I thought you'd been blogging. But this was something a little different from you. I laughed when you said you didn't eat at all, yes that's a bit overboard. Good luck sir.


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12kyle said...

*blows dust*

Is this thing on??? LOL

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Talulazoeapple said...

You should join my abs challenge. It is good to read someone else attempting a healthy change also. You can do it!