Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Odd, Funny or Inappropriate Facebook Statuses I've Recently Seen

All misspellings are those of the respective Facebook posters.

1. When I'm in love the neighbors definitely know my name & when its REAL LOVE.. the neighbors will know OUR LAST NAME.. cuz its on the mailbox BOW BOW

2. My mother requested me as a friend on fb! I told her I can't except! And my status was at that time "I like it on the dinning room table"! Lol I need to hide my status only my friends need to see!

3. I wonder just how many of my 400+ fb friends actually see & pay attention to my posts : (

4.Wow! This chicks pants are so tight it looks like she has a penus! Hmmm....i know she noticed that before she left the house today! =) LMAO

5. Would it be wrong to take my 4 year old with me to get a drink.... ha ha ha... Lord knows I need one! What a day!!

6. Just sneezed inside my my cleavage is wet. Thinking "ummm maybe that wasn't a good idea"

7. OMG Somebody wants me to BLACK THE HELL OUT today!!!!!! These Customer Service Reps better be glad I can't come through the phone on them because THIS "CHICK" would really have me all up in her Mouth Piece. I swear I don't know where the days of Customer SERVICE went....and it's not due to the Recession.

8. my Pimp Game is slippin' I just told 2 different dudes to come to the SAME place I'm gonna be tonight SMH.

9. just saw a Tyra Banks clip on an HDTV so clear, I could actually see the unprofessionalism on set...

10. I made a mistake, and I apologize. To whom it may concern. Im just sayin.

11.Why do they advertise on the bottom of urinals? I'm just sayin

12. Ummm so are colored contacts played out cause I really like Jen's (Basketball Wives)) annnd I think I want some lol !!!! Are hers gray??

13. Ok so I'm in the car with my homeboy and he says "ugh that ni**ah painted his car Gonorrhea Green" Ummm I aint never had it but I'm almost positive it's not green ... Is It??


Not so Anonymous said...

WHAT? That last one is disgusting, lol.

♥LaBellaNaturale♥ said...

*flatlined* @ "Gonorrhea green"... that just made me completely forget everything else I was thinking of including in my comment. Damn.

Jameil said...

1) BOW BOW? I think you meant fail, fail.
2) I thought I was going to get an email that those meant something else & i never did. Stupid.
3) You're not that important.
4) Who can't spell penis? You shouldn't talk about things you can't spell.
5) Yes.
6) Lolol. Dummy!
7) Internet gangstas... formerly phone gangstas. I bet he/she didn't even let the person know they weren't pleased.
8) Ho.
9) ROTFL!!!!!!
10) Is this insincere? I mean... just b/c I addressed people in general maybe kinda??
11) B/c you just read it before you wrote this. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
12) Take yourself outta the game. There's no excuse for this status.
13) HAHAHAHAHA!! You shouldn't be so sure about something you're so UNSURE about! Gonnorhea green should be Crayola's next color!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

All of them were very funny. But I will definitely be using BLACK THE HELL OUT. I'm dying over here at that! *dead*

Trish said...

I don't get people and their statuses. I think that most of the people who post absurd things are in need of attention.

I saw one of my FB friends had something posted about a dining room table. I had no clue what she was talking about, I guess I missed the memo. That reminds me of the day all the women were describing their bras, I had been working all day so when I logged on in the evening I thought I was in the twilight zone!

Anonymous said...

The "Gonnorhea green" quote had me rolling. My coworkers had me dying laughing.

Now that I think about it, is gonnorhea really green?

Ladynay said...

1) I still don't get the bow bow thing. Are they taking a bow for their comment?

2) You should only share that status with those you're having sex with anyway.

3) That was a call for attention. Did anyone comment on that thought?

4) Maybe "she" was really a he. LOL!

5) smh...that's why you have a personal stash at the house! LOL


7) I understand the feeling

8) smh

9) hahahahaha

10) if you want to give a public apology use names, or else it really isn't a public apology. I'm just saying.

11) Do they really do that Rashan??? Interesting

12) Colored contacts are not out, colored contacts that are obviously contacts are out! LOL!

13) I looked it up in my Pathology book just to see and no, it's not green :-)

Anonymous said...

I have tons...for today: If FED EX and UPS merged would they be FED UP?