Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mindspacing

I wish people on the internet didn’t discover this symbol >. Now everything is >>> than the other thing. Like we need another way for people to express their opinions online.

Likewise goes for the word: epic… It’s overused. Not everything is epic. Some things are just great. Or good. Or mediocre. Especially when used in conjunction with the word fail. Going to late work is not an epic fail. Shooting up the joint IS an epic fail. See the difference?

Man, I watched the series finale of LOST last night and it was epic!!! Tonight I’m going to watch the series finale of 24. I expect it to be good. See what I did there. LOST>>>24, therefore one is epic, the other is not. (I crack myself up, btw)

I don’t like when I take the time to write a long elaborate email and I get a canned response. Don’t thank me for my feedback, answer my questions. I know all about blowing people off, and that’s what you just did to me with your non response. Meanwhile the issues will continue, because you chose not to respond to my well thought out emails. I did all the work for you, all you have to do is forward the email.

Is a manager really supposed to be talking so freely about other employees personal information. I’ll answer that question. No, you are not. I’ve been a manager, and I also know how to read the employee handbook. You are dead wrong for that. It’s none of my business what someone else does on their off time. I need to record this, because I’m sure nobody in charge would ever believe what I say about it. They don’t even respond appropriately to my emails.

I’ve been having the most vivid dreams again lately. I don’t know why sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. They are awesome. They feel like real life and so far there hasn’t been any nightmares, so I say keep them coming. One dream I had was of me and my homeboys having fun in DC (pre drug addiction.) It was really fun to hang out with them again, even if it was in my sleep.

Jameil hates telling people I have no friends. I offered a solution. Stop telling people I have no friends. I, on the other hand, love telling people I have no friends. I find it cuts short any aspirations for people to try to involve me in their lives.

I’m really convinced some people just talk to hear themselves talk. For real, nobody is even listening to you. Can you please learn to pick up on the non verbal cues? Heads down, shuffling feet, looking around all point to the possibility that we aren’t trying to hear all that. Stop making it uncomfortable for all involved and stop telling that story about your hospital visit.

I work with a lot of big people. I’m not talking regular big people. Or even really big big people. I’m talking about Walter Hudson, should have their own show on TLC, can’t hardly walk people. It’s strange. I never noticed them until recently, but it looks like Duke University hospital down there. Maybe I haven’t seen them because I work on the 2nd floor and they are all on the first.

I’ve never been one to be all private on the internet. I understand the reasons, but it’s just not me. For me, I learned early on (when I used someone’s real name and they found my blog) that if I don’t want people to hold my words against me, then I should be careful about what I write. It’s like self censorship. I just don’t call people by name anymore. I don’t say the name of the company I work for. As far as my personal life, if it’s that much of a secret, then I won’t tell anyone. I’m pretty open, but let’s be real… I ain’t telling you everything.

Is that guy in Jamaica’s real last name “Coke?” If so, Best…Drug…Dealer…Name…Ever. It’s epic. Totally >>> Tony Montana. LOL


Jameil said...

so epic fail is > than fail? *head tilt*

i was very glad you liked Lost! :)

i hate canned responses. they make me want to throw things. GIVE ME A REAL ANSWER!!

there's no tellin which juicy bits of your lame -me personal life she's tellin people!

your dream from last night = hilarious!

you just sound like such a loser when i say you have no friends.


your job needs to have a biggest loser contest where the person who loses the most weight gets a new car or something and you're not in the running until you lose at least 100 lbs.

you? not interweb private? mr. whole name? really?

Ladynay said...

I don't use epic or the > symbol. Guess I need to step my internet game up.

Some people talk because they are uncomfortable in silence.

Okay I am the LAST person to talk about size...but I think it's funny that all the big people work on the 1st floor! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

K. Rock said...

I was getting all confused reading that story about the drug dealer too. "They are extraditing Coke"...Wait, the guy or the drug? "They were trafficking coke.." Wait, who, what..I just gave up.