Monday, April 5, 2010

The Tyler Perry Experiment

All this weekend, people on Twitter and Facebook have been talking about Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too." People are saying that it's a great movie and generally raving about it. I have the well documented opinion that Tyler Perry's movies are garbage. I've not seen them all, but I've seen enough to know that he is a hack. After about 20 updates from my FB friends about this movie, I got fed up and decided to antagonize them. I stated that I "think way too many people on Facebook like bad movies. And yes, if you posted a status or comment about how good "Why Did I Get Married Too" was, I'm talking about you." LOL - I did it on purpose to make people mad. That's the type of guy I am.

Of course I haven't seen the movie and I will not pay to see that crap, but that doesn't matter. I know from his resume that the movie is going to be terrible.What I did do, however, is to watch the first one online Saturday. I was just curious about whether or not I was unfairly judging TP's work. Let's just say, I think I was wrong. Tyler Perry does not make bad movies.  HE MAKES TERRIBLE MOVIES!!!

I don't even know where to start. Should I start with the fact that his characters are all one dimensional? The bad people are unrealistically bad, the good people are unrealistically good. The loud and shrewish woman is unrealistically shrewish and loud. The henpecked husband...  It was just too much. Or let's talk about the contrived nature of the plot. SPOILER ALERT: You bring your mistress to a couples' weekend? There just happens to be a single black character in the middle of a resort town in Colorado for you to find love with? You got VD, but instead of seeing a doctor, you wait til you go on vacation and ask your friend to help youo out? Adultery can just be forgiven because he finally stands up for himself? Really, Tyler Perry? This sounds like a good story to you? Or we can talk about the acting? 7/8ths (especially Michael Jai White) of the actors in the movie couldn't act. Now I don't know if that was because they are bad actors, or because the script was terrible or because TP just can't direct, but there were way too many moments when I was looking at my computer screen like for real? And then there was that old familiar Tyler Perry theme: If women want to be happy, they'd better find a man and pray. And then pray with that man. Let me be clear, I'm not knocking prayer, but it's almost like the characters in these movies aren't complete until they find love with the conveniently placed good single man. Annoying.

I had other problems too.. such as the facial hair on the male characters, but that's really insignificant. Married was just a bad movie. I found myself laughing sometimes, but in a mocking way. It reminded me of the times when my brother and I used to watch bad black movies on Starz and make fun of them the whole time. When I was done watching that movie, it was just reinforced: If you liked Why Did I Get Married Too, you like bad movies. I'm not changing my mind on that one. You can try to tell me that the sequel is better, but really it had no choice but to be better. It's impossible to make it any worse. I've heard all the arguments. Tyler is telling our stories, he puts black people on the screen, etc etc etc.. All that is true. But he is doing that while making terrible movies.


Not so Anonymous said...

Tell us how you really feel lol. I don't think anyone would argue that his movies are great works of cinematography, but for some reason, people love his stuff. Probably for many of the reasons you listed.

I, too, have an issue with the way he makes falling in love a requirement for everything good.

Jameil said...

Yeah, there is no excuse for the poor quality of the scripts on his films. They REQUIRE bad acting. Yes, I can pre-judge this film based on COMMERCIALS of his tv shows and previous movies. It's offensive to think I HAVE to support that movie b/c he's black and has a mostly-black cast. His characters as you said are one-dimensional, not to mention stereotypical. It's so annoying to have people assume I have any interest in his film.

K. Rock said...

His scripts are pretty stereotypical. They are over-fanciful (as you mentioned with all the falling in love stuff), stereotypical (all the white people in his movies are overyly evil. If it were the other way around, we would have gathered our pitchforks.), and a big gospel sensation (His last movie had like 4 songs in it, and I hate musicals enough to want to know when I am about to watch one.)

But....people like them. And while they are not my cup of tea (I can't stand Madea or any man dressed up like a woman)they do have an audience somewhere. And since they do try to portray a bit of positivity, I respect those with different preferences than mine.

But I am never going to pay to see on.

Nexgrl said...

Did anyone unfriend you on FB because of your stance?

Ladynay said...

You forgot 2 words Rashan.

If women want to be happy, they'd better find a LIGHT SKINNED man and pray.


SincerelyGo said...

Just rude. I'm not a big fan of Tyler Perry movies. But with the rave my interest is slightly perked. Did Jameil see it? I want to know what she thinks about it. *humph*



Ms. Behaving said...

Sex, drama and ignorance...It's unfortunate but it's what sells.

Trish said...

I guess I will be in the minority because I liked part one. There were a few parts in the first one I didn't care for though.

However I didn't really care for this new one. There were several parts that had me sitting with my arms folded. I am not a TP fanatic though, I HATED "Meet the Browns."

Rashan Jamal said...

@ NSA - I'm used to being in the minority, but when I see that everybody loves his movies, I just can't understand why.

@ Jameil - stereotypical is a much better description that the one dimensional that I used. Thanks for that. Next time I have this conversation I'm going to use that word instead.

@K Rock - I respect their right to like bad movies. I just can't for the life of me understand it. LOL

@ Nexgrl - not that I know of, but I haven't paid attention to the number of friends I have lately.

@ LadyNay - or a Latino in that other movie. LOL

@ Sincerly Go- Jameil and I are on one accord when it comes to TP

@ Ms Behaving - I don't mind any of that if it's well done.

@ Trish - you like bad movies. LOL

The Goddess said...

I guess that's why Jameil put you in her mean girl clique. You ARE mean. Lol. Kidding.

I've never been a real big fan of his movies, but thought this one looked interesting. He's had a few that I've enjoyed but not many. I thought this latest one looked pretty good, but I guess I'll wait till it comes to DVD. Hubby feels the same way about him as you do and can stand Madea.