Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Compliments are cool... some of the time. When some people give me compliments, I feel dirty. Like there's this woman at work that likes to tell me I look good in a certain color. But she says it no matter what color I'm wearing. I feel like she's just trying to butter me up.. and then eat me.

That volcano in Iceland... I for real thought someone was messing with me the first time I saw the name in print... Eyjafjallajokull just looks like someone started randomly pushing buttons on the keyboard.

Was I a jerk for this conversation... or was the person just stupid. Her: Where do those stairs go. Me: Um... upstairs???.... I mean we work in a two story building, where else are they going to go... I probably was a jerk.

I really don't like when people complain about stuff, but then don't have the heart to stand up for what they believe. For example, at work last week, I had to be the spokesman for an issue that people were complaining about for 2 weeks. You think anybody backed me up when I was talking? I'll answer that... no they did not. They just sat there and let me take all the heat.

How come it's okay for grown arse women to lust after young dudes... but if a man were to do it, he would be considered a dirty old man?

When I scoff at some women's cries of sexism, I wonder if I'm like white people that think Black people cry racism too much. I mean, there are a lot of sexist attitudes in the world, but some people take it too far. A man asking you to smile is annoying... but it's not sexism. People tell me to smile all the time too.

I never listen to the radio anymore, but this weekend in the car with Jameil we had it on. Sweet Baby Jesus... can you make Nicki Minaj stop rapping on everybody's songs please. It was bad enough when Drake did it, but at least he's talented.

Since I went out to the baseball game, it seems like all my other co workers think that I'm going to start hanging out with them too. I've gotten and turned down way too many invitations in the last 2 weeks... Yeah, I'm still anti social. I still don't want to hang out with you. I think the part they are missing is free tickets to sporting events. If you want me to go out with you, you better come with some of that.

This weekend, I found myself telling various people that couldn't hear me that they were too old for the stuff they were doing. Like the 35 year ex coworker who is always talking about being hungover on facebook... Yeah, you are too old for that. Or the people on twitter who are still amazed by random sex facts and naked celebrity pictures... You're too old for that. Or if you are older than me and just trying to make it in the music biz... You're too old for that. I should made an entire post on this topic.


Jameil said...

Not butter you up and eat you! There's something about Rashan... lololol. That volcano name is ridiculous. Sorry Icelanders. It doesn't translate to English. Upstairs person deserved a blank stare. You answered her. You're welcome.

The lusting is inappropriate regardless. Spineless complainers irritate me. I confront them afterwards. That's probably not helpful but whatev. Your behavior is inappropriate. That smile thing was stupid, not sexist. People take their discrimination stuff too far sometimes.

Lol. You said Sweet Baby Jesus! Love it. Stop avoiding your coworkers. They love you... and the feeling is mutual.

Nexgrl said...

I would have told the stair woman, to go find out where they go.

Ladynay said...

I need to find out how to properly pronounce that volcano name.

I am going to be the only person to back up your coworker and say that maybe she trying to ask what was upstairs. Like specific areas like an extra break room or conference room or something. I dunno! LOL!

Ditto about complainers! Ugh! I do it, but I also do stuff about it!

Totally agree with having a post for people being too old for the things that they do!

Trish said...

I feel like my coworkers are plotting on me too when they're being too nice. There is even a guy at work who admitted to watching me at my desk from an upstairs window. How creepy is that?!

Hahaha! I liked the stairs comment! That must be the smartass in me.

We had a work stance kind of like you did. The difference was that my coworker through me under the bus like TRISH, why don't you add something!

I think it's gross for any older person to have something going on with a younger person.

Nicki Manaj sucks!! I really sat and listened to what she said in one of her lyrics and I was disgusted!

Speaking of people being a bit too old, a 50 year old coworker of mine's favorite song is Trey Songz, "Invented Sex."

Adei von K said...

HAHAHAHA!! I thought the same thing about the volcano!!! It looks like a cat walked across a laptop!!

My students asks questions a la stairs lady. I would've said, "You know what? I'm not sure. Where do you think they go? They look like they go... up...stairs... yeah..."

are you saying women and black people are too sensitive? is that how you feel abt jameil? wow, rah.

SincerelyGo said...

You are mean. Yeah I think she wanted to know WHAT was upstairs and I think you knew that but couldn't help being yourself. We love you anyway!

You know this world is full of double standards on both sides. So what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

I use to be that " if anyone is going to say it it will be her" person in the last office I worked in. Blah I don't care. It comes up and out. I always feel accomplished knowing that at LEAST the issue is on the table. What's the point in complaining?

I give compliments in my office all the time from nice shirts and ties to polish and shoes. No harm. I think you are just full of yourself sir. No really she likes you. She don't know Jameil have a squad bigger than she can imagine so...yeah. Back off lady!

That's it.