Thursday, March 11, 2010

And I'm Back...

How crazy is it that I posted everyday for 4 months, then I take a week and a half break? Well, I decided to stop, then I went on vacation. I’ve been in Gainesville with Jameil for the past week. I could have posted, but I just wasn’t in the mood when I had the opportunity to. At first I was going to go back to it, but Jameil was using the computer when I felt like it. Or when I did use the computer, I wasn’t in the right state of mind to compose a post. So, I took a bit of an internet break. I still read facebook, but I haven’t really interacted. I didn’t really read blogs too much and I sure didn’t comment on any. But now I’m back.

So let’s recap the last week and two days…

Went to get my oil changed and wound up having to get an oil leak fixed. Sucked, but for some reason, my car seems to be running a lot better. Probably a placebo effect, but I’ll take it.

Tried some new restaurants in Gainesville with Jameil with mixed results. I also realized that if you are a vegetarian, Gainesville is the spot for you. They are so veggie friendly. Tofu and Tempeh is on a bunch of restaurant’s menus.

Went to an Oscar Party with Jameil’s classmates. Was supposed to be black tie, but mine was purplish. I don’t like award shows at all and I hadn’t seen most of the nominated movies, so I didn’t really care, but it was still cool. Felt crazy every time they showed Precious or The Blindside. It was all in my head, but I felt like I had to be the resident black person in the room. For the record, I hate the whole concept of white people saving black people in movies, so I’ll never see The Blindside. You can tell me it’s a great movie, I’ll never watch it.

Went antiquing and to a Butterfly Museum. That's not gay by the way. I was with my woman. LOL

Ummm… some other stuff happened too I guess, but I need to go back to work now. Pictures later hopefully. I’ll check out all your blogs when I get off tonight. Have a good one!


Trish said...

Had you not been with Jameil...! Haha! Sounds like a nice vaction, I can't wait to take one.

Nexgrl said...

You're back to blogging, that's what your fingers typed. We'll see how that goes.
Good to read that you enjoyed your break from "the co-workers/"

Ladynay said...

Ummm if you have to state that what you did wasn't was gay! *wink* LOL!

Jameil said...

I'm so over you for not posting for this long. ROTFL @ ladynay!!! We didn't have an awesome food week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rah, I miss my favorite bloggers terribly. I haven't been to Jameil's blog in a long minute but I miss her too. Missing you is missing her. Awww you two are so cute. I just hope that whenever you pop the question and the date is set I can attend the wedding. Not that I was on the invite list or can even afford to fly whereever..*whispers to Jameil* a Beach Wedding perfect.

m'kay let me get out of your business. But how was the butterfly museum? I would take my neices to stuff like that. It would be so cute to watch them freak out at bugs.